Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm blogging and I should be packing...

Thank you guys for your thoughts on my's been a roller coaster..good and bad...unfortunately she won't be out of the hospital before Christmas..however, on a good note--today marked the first time I talked to her where my dad didn't have to translate (she was on so many pain meds earlier that it made it difficult to understand her)....and she was trying to eat pizza!!  So, today was a very very good day, also marked by the fact that she doesn't have to have an additional surgery on her hematoma....and that will heal on its own.  It changes day-to-day, but for real, today was a GOOD one!! 

SO...what have I been up to? Well, I did a sports drills class on Friday that killed me....rendered me useless on Saturday. Then, Sunday I did a spin class.  Where did my fitness go?  Ugh, I had a lady wearing full make up who was keeping up with me.  Just wrong.  If you go to a spin class and you don't leave absolutely dripping you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG.  AND if your butt is flying off the seat and your whole body is shaking you don't have the RESISTANCE UP HIGH ENOUGH.  (sorry, small PSA) =0.

The guy next to me had an old crusty "Wildflower" water a small one.....I was impressed, I was trying to drink the plastic off my B&L water bottle just for more water and that was 16 oz.....

Anyway, spin class was almost as painful as the treadmill, I kept hoping someone would come let me know that Soren was upset/crying/had a diaper...but to no avail...turns out he slept snuggly in a swing while I spun.  I actually did thank him later.

We had our first "paid" babysitter on Sunday and it was so awesome.....we've had other people watch Soren, but this was an official first "sitter," he did great..I wasn't "worried," honestly, I just didn't want him to end up crying so we'd have to go home =0......and he didn't!   She even said she'd come back!  We went to the Nutcracker and then out to Saffron (YUMMY!)......with some friends.  Super fun.

Now....i'm supposed to be packing for Arizona..we're headed to spend Christmas with Dave's family--should be fun----car ride isn't bad and I managed to piece some wrapping paper around gifts. I would call it wrapping, but it's not, I wrap like a three year old-like all jagged edges, nothing is even and sometimes if the pieces don't reach to cover the gift, I'll cut another piece to go over it.  Classy, I know., I left off yesterday. Yesterday I didn't get to work out because my butt still hurt from spinning and I showed up at the Y at 1:45 forgetting AGAIN that childcare is closed from 2-3....and no way was I going back....this isn't Ironman training or anything =0. make myself suffer. I ran on the treadmill. Six miles.  Let me tell you, that's a lot of Paula Dean and Giada to watch on Food's the only thing I can watch since I don't need to "hear" waht they're saying and I can't wear headphones when i'm running (due to my hearing aid)....I came up with a great idea:  "Biggest Loser:  Chef's addition".....starring:  Dean,'s a great idea isn't it??

I averaged a 9:40, not bad...I ran the last mile in under 9 minutes......speedy for me at this hurts.  My old "pace" of 8:20 is now my sprint.  Any guesses on how long it'll take before it's my pace again? Marit always tells me not to focus on time? How can I not?

OK over and out, I really need to go pack!! Thanks for reading!!! Happy Holiday's and i'll write again soon!!


ADC said...

Wow, you are doing soooo well. Yay!!

So glad to hear that your Mum is OK and that all went well.

jessithompson said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! I laughed when you wrote that you were hoping they'd call you out to take care of your son. Been there!