Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm keeping this short, since once again I am so close to finishing my book club book (I have missed the last three books.). Wait, no, I have purchased the last three books, but every night "The Office," or "30 Rock" or re-runs of SVU capture my attention.  Sad, I know.  Or, The Biggest Loser!  Just wait, once Lost comes back, i'm never going to read again. 

All things are going awesome here for the most part...minus a little erratic sleeping habits by Soren, but as i've read, apparently "we" as parents are to blame.  Hmph!  Go figure.  Anyway, as we figure things out on that end, my time is somewhat choppy.  For example, his first nap was awesome today, just a quick, 30 minute nap.  The next one, came like clockwork, an hour.  Then, all of a sudden....he was crying when he should be happy and happy when he should be sleeping......spent three hours trying to get him to sleep....finally, I held him (I see you parents--all rolling your eyes)...whatever....until I can commit to do some sleep training, I gave in a little, then I put him down in his crib.  The thing is, i've learned with him, he can really sleep *anywhere*, any pack n play, crib, doesn't matter...his sleep is still strange.  We had him on a good pattern of, typically asleep by 8:00, he'd wake up once..about 2:30, eat and then wake at idea what happened.  I'm following some guidelines via books and trusty friends (HI LAUREN!) =0.  I'm trying to give him some napping "regularity" before I jump into the nighttime sleep training.  Though we are very very close to attempting this "training".....

You guys may have noticed that I added some cool links to the side of my blog!! What are those??  For those of you who are not into triathlon or really just have no idea what any of those links are--except maybe Saucony...go ahead and click on them, 2010..SPONSORS! Yes folks, even old, new moms like me appeal to companies these days =0.  Naw, just kidding--my new team--Trakkers---has several sponsors and so yes, they are my sponsors and they didn't just take pity on me!  This is the first time i've ever had an opportunity like this to represent certain products and to promote a specific brand--and i'm very excited about it.  So, from time to time in my blog, i'll talk about specific things i'm trying out.  Currently--i'm working on narrowing down a specific Saucony shoe.....and i'm about to order some sports nutrition items from First excited!!

I'm contemplating doing a 5K on Saturday--we'll see, I haven't decided!  My first race is in two weeks!! Racing the Carlsbad Half Marathon..hopefully it won't be an embarrassing start to 2010....I haven't been able to run as often or as long as I want, but the other day I accidentally ran 8 miles at Miramar Lake instead of 5....don't you love it when that happens? 

I was running and literally dying, I think I even walked a little, I just wasn't feeling it and then, I look up and at the four mile marker--the gate was closed..which meant I couldn't go THROUGH the gate, I had to run back around.  I wouldn't have minded it if I had water, but it was a stretch.  Oddly enough, I wasn't as sore as I thought I was going to be.

I've been back to the pool a few times and i've done a spin class....need to get the cycling back up to speed.  Marit has already told me she'd ride Mt. Palomar with me to get rid of the cobwebs.  Fabulous--i'll take that IV now.

Off to read my book!!!  


ADC said...

Hope the routine with Soren settles in. Yay for running long. Can't wait to see how you do at half.

Trigirlpink said...

Hi Mz Mer!

Good luck at your half. Just have fun and who cares what your time is, Its JANUARY!!
Any word on coming to Boston???
Are you doing any of the Rev3 events?

oh and I wish I could ride with you and Marit in the nice weather for a lung buster-leg zapper mountain adventure.

Lauren said...

Yeah for blogging! I miss reading about your daily happnins'...

Jamie said...

Horray for awesome product sponsors!

Let me know what shoes you decide on. I just put in my order for some Hurricanes with Carole. SO pumped to try 'em out.

Are you coming out to Quassy or Cedar Point?