Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great Run!!

Finally, a run I can post about that i'm excited about!! It was just seven miles, but almost all my miles were below a 9:30 pace and one was even a 8:56!! YEAHHHH!! Super excited about that. I felt great. I was scheduled (in my head) to run 9....but some sleep deprivation =0 prevented me from doing so---so....I just dialed in 7 and went with it!!!  My new Saucony's really are awesome.....not too "pillowy" and just enough cushion!!!

9:34, 9:11, 9:19, 9:14, 9:15, 8:57, 9:04 =my mileage breakdown....SO excited!! Encouraging for me!

Yesterday, I knocked out another swim, 20x100....I need to move up to 2500 soon....but i'd like to work on speed.  Why do I find myself thinking I need to go to master's swim...ugh.  We need to get little Soren's sleep schedule figured out first, THEN I can schedule master's.  Right now, his sleep is way more important!!!

I won't even go into full details, even though it's MY blog.....I actually don't even want to write about the sleep training because it's a personal decision (how/when/technique/no technique) and people have strong feelings about it and yes, it's my blog but I do tend to like to keep things somewhat light hearted.  I will say, since birth, we've done the whole "no-cry" sleep method..rocking, soothing, walking, you name it...we've done it.  Now we're at a point where Soren really *does not* sleep unless he is either A: held, or B: in a car seat (yay for travel, BOOOO for all the other times we need him to sleep!).  So, we're attempting a modified "Ferber" mixed with "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child"....tonight is night two.  I can't even post about night was that difficult.  However, I DO strongly believe that it is imperative that he learn to fall asleep on his own.  We tried the other way and honestly it was a three hour process to get him to go to bed.  Which we were ok with for a few months, but now that he combines that three hour process with waking every ninety minutes and won't fall back to sleep without another long's exhausting.  So, we're giving this a shot......, due to some lack of sleep, I skipped any exercise today...hopefully tomorrow i'll get in a run, that's the plan.  We have some packing to do....we're headed to Colorado on Friday and Soren and I will stay til next Thursday, Dave has to come back on Sunday...hanging out with my mom.....and just relaxing!!

No word on Boston.....getting so tired of "sitting on the edge of my seat" for a text from Dave....he is working at Kaiser this month so he has his email forwarded to him.....each morning he writes "No word yet" since he knows I wake up and I run to my phone...sad, but true =0.  Come ON Navy, how hard is this?  Jeez! 

HUGE Thanks to TRAKKERS who sent me like four visors and a hat to wear for racing...they're awesome! I'll post a pic soon when I have a bit more time.....SO EXCITED to wear an item in support of my team!! YAY!!


ADC said...

Great run, yay!!!
Oh I really hope you find out soon about Boston. Believe me British Army is no better at those things.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - SUPER excited about your run! That's awesome!

Hang in there with the Navy stuff... it will eventually come around (I know that doesn't help...gggrrrr)....

And finally - sorry about Soren! I think you and Dave are GREAT parents, and only want the best for him.... you guys are doing such an awesome job! Its not like little kids come with instruction know? Hang tight Meredith - it WILL get better!

Hugs and much love your way!

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