Sunday, January 10, 2010

Topics or ramblings?

When I read most people's blogs they're short and to the point. I wish I was organized enough and had enough time these days to pick a "topic" and write a witty summary of thoughts.  Unfortunately my blogging is now wedged between Soren's naps or trying to get to the gym and sleep!  So, I don't have time to be witty and "one-topic-focused."  So, you guys are in luck---one blog (mine) out of the many will be unfocused and all over the place, which, I guess is kind of a good thing because if you ever met me in person that is exactly how I talk--I  jump from one subject to the next without much linking the two!  My sister actually has a game that she plays, she has people give her five words and then she puts them all together in a sentence like I would =0.

Dave is on call's a Sunday, yuck. Weekend call really sucks....though, if i'm honest, Sunday call is probably the best..Saturday is the worst.  If he goes in at 7:00 a.m. Saturday, works the day and then has a bad night, it means Sunday he needs to sleep a lot--although truth be told--with Soren, neither one of us sleeps a whole lot, which would probably come as a surprise to our family since we're known for being the "sleepers."  I blame Dave. =0

So, what's on tap for today.  Well, on Friday I ran 5 miles on the tready---it was HARD..I kept staring at the 9:35 min. mile saying "how on earth did I ever run faster?", so I let myself walk for 30 seconds two times..that helped my motivation a little.  The 2nd to last "lap" I ran at an 8:57 pace and the very last lap I did at an 8:15 pace--and it actually wasn't too bad.  So, I saw a little glimmer of hope that soon, i'll be able to run 8:15 again at some point!!  Maybe it was my new shoes:  THESE... I'm loving the new shoes, they're comfy but not too cushiony.  My old sneakers just felt like that..sneakers.  These definitely are way more supportive, lighter and have a lot of zip. I've raced in almost everything:  Mizuno for years, Brooks, Nike, Asics and now Saucony ---I really enjoy the Saucony's because they seem to balance cushion without feeling "boat-like" better than anything else i've ever worn.

Yesterday I ran 6 around Miramar Lake and it was easier than the 5 on the treadmill, go figure---my goal was to get up to 10 by the Carlsbad half, but looks like i'll have to settle for 9.  Today is a swim day, truthfully because my legs need a break and all the parents out there will appreciate this--since Dave is on call, it's easier for me to go swim and then I can fit in a shower at the gym immediately since i'm already soaked, as opposed to coming home and trying to find time to shower!!! =0.

My last swim I knocked out a 20x100, I couldn't hold a fabulous pace, but I did it reasonably well.  Today i'll aim for the same just maybe pushing a little harder!!

This was a boring blog post sorry!!


Jilian said...

I love your all over the place blog posts :)

Ha. I'm happy with my 10 minute pace - my lofty goal in life is to one day run a 1/2 in under 2 hours :) And that seems SO FAST!

As for call - T's is a little different as he's not at the hospital the entire time... just on a pager but so far this weekend he had to go in Friday night, for over 4 hours yesterday, and he's at the hospital right now! boo.

ADC said...

I find running on a tredmill always slower than outside - have no idea why.
Love your "scattered" blogs ;)

Shan said...

I love your posts no matter how rambly they might be!!!! At least you're writing - I haven't updated since last June :-O.

You know, I really think that the treadmill mi/min lies. Everytime I run on the tready, even at a good pace, it says something like 9+mi/min. But if I put on my garmin and go outside and do the same pace, it is usually somewhere in the 8's. I think a lot of it depends on the length of your stride. You can set the tready faster if you have super long legs or have a really quick stride. But for me, my cadence on the tready isn't so fast (maybe because I'm always afraid of falling off hehehe), so I have to set it to lower.

I for thought? I wouldn't focus too much on the numbers on the treadmill - I usually just go by time, and by feel. If you're huffing and puffing, you're still getting a great workout.

I wish I could be at Carlsbad Half to cheer you on!!!

Love you!! xoxo

Trigirlpink said...

Yay.. what Shan said about the treadmill. Totally agree on that.

Mer! said...

Aww thanks guys!

JIL!!! SO excited you wrote on my blog--I love all your posts on FB...hope the painting is going well and you decided on a "violet" color!!

Shan/ADC/Pink: That is a good thought about the treadmill pacing.....just today I ran one mile at an 8:56 pace, maybe this treadmill running is making me faster!! I"ll take that!! thanks for your thoughts!!!

jessithompson said...

Rambly posts are good for my ADD ;)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Mer! i lOVE your posts - they are YOU! I can totally hear your voice and that, my dear, makes me smile!

Keep up the great work - you are doing it and you're doing it awesome-ly! Is that even a word? Doesn't should be ;)

You will be ready for Carlsbad Half and we'll be out there cheering you on! YEA!!! Hooray!!!