Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This'll be a short "started," yesterday.  It was such an odd day.  We dropped the car off for maintenance and everything was just "off," the car wasn't ready when it was supposed to be, Soren missed a nap, Dave was sleep deprived after being up all night, I knew I was taking my chances by going to the swim and putting Soren in the kids center at the Y.  However, I have never in the two months dropping him off there had a problem......until...yesterday.  I was SO excited to do my 3,000 meter swim set.  I know, odd, right? I EVEN managed to avoid "circle swimming".  Seriously, who circle swims, I hate it-you're either getting your legs hit down by someone faster than you, or trying to choke someone who is side stroking.  I got in the water and felt awesome......I was doing my first of 4x100 kick, when I looked up and saw the lady from the kid center. 

She did the "he's crying," sign....and I was like Oh no..poor little guy!  I lept out of the pool, changed and ran to get Soren.  Now, mind you--I don't wear my hearing aid after swimming or it's just asking for an ear, I walked in sans hearing aid and he had been crying so hard he had hiccups!  Just a bad feeling for me....  Afternoon nap missed and I thought he'd be, off we went to home.

I just felt so badly for Soren that I was like " swim today," but then, the more I thought about it, that inner voice in me was like "neener neener you missed a workout..." (like in that sing song voice) I panicked.  What if I missed this swim and I can't finish Vineman.  You know, because that is totally logical thinking right?  Anyway, naturally, Amanda reassured me there would be *plenty* more swims in my future and "Soren is your Ironman!" =0....that of course made me feel better!!

Today:  I got in a solid 45 minute run, so I feel back on track!!!

My sister Dawn shipped my Kuota back to me so I should have it ready for my FIRST EVER post-pregnancy bike ride on Saturday.  Should be awesome, filled with plenty of snacks and bathroom breaks, you know, for a two hour ride =0.....the usual.  Hehe...just kidding.  I'm going to knock out this ride and then Dave and I have a friend of ours coming to hang with Soren so he and I can go out and get some wine and sushi!!!

Looks like this is how my training will go--some days i'll knock it all out, other days, it'll be foiled....just like life...and as i'm discovering with parenthood..some days you sleep well and make good decisions, other days you sleep like crap and make half-awake decisions =0.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh Mer! It's OKAY!!! No matter what - you're a great parent, a great person, and an awesome athlete!! Some days everything just 'clicks' - other days, that's just not the case. You know what? that's life...and we all have stuff like that. It may not be Soren in my case - but other stuff.

Hang in there - it WILL be okay! And I have no doubt that you'll do SUPER at Vineman - and all the other races this season!!

Also - listen to Amanda...she knows her stuff. AND she can adapt your schedule accordingly. It will work out!!!

xoxo :)

ADC said...

Yay, for structured training. And remember, missing a workout or two is just life. It happens to all of us. I hate it but there is not much we can do about it. As Amanda says, there will be plenty more swims to come.