Thursday, February 4, 2010

Success in the pool!!

So, yesterday according to TP, I was supposed to knock out a trainer ride on my bike, except my bike is currently enroute back from Colorado where my sister was keeping it warm for me while I was arrived today-however needs a signature, so tomorrow i'll be sitting, waiting for my bike =0

I decided to "re-do" my swim from Monday instead.....and I nearly made it through the whole thing before I had to go save Soren from having fun =0..hehe.  The lady at the daycare assured me, the more I bring him, the more he'll get used to it.  I totally agree and I like that if i'm going to be at home longer than expected due to no daycare availability yet----he needs as much exposure to other kids/adults as possible.

My TP swim read "Easy recovery 3000 swim."  I kind of laughed.....only Amanda would put "easy and 3000" in the same sentence...(except maybe Coach Jen Harrison who is also obsessed with swimming =0..hi Jen!)..... I actually LOVED this workout.  It reminds me how much I miss swimming. I was thinking while I was swimming how that particular sport comes easy to me. I have to work so hard at running...really, really hard.  Biking, it takes me a bit to get back into it, but it comes smoothly, but nothing comes as easy as swimming (except maybe tennis but it's been a while!). 

2x300 warmup
4x100 kick
4x400 (2 of these 400's were pulling with paddles; the other 2 400's were freestyle)
400 cool down

I got through 200 of the cool down before having to get out...for you non swimmers: it's about 1.7 miles.....and I don't think I swam hard enough even though I thought I was swimming hard because i'm not sore today.  Hear that Lovato----BRING IT!!! =0

She's having me ease back into things which is the right thing to do obviously, if I was super sore, i'd be like "oh no...".

Sorry for boring post, this was just on my mind!! I love that i'm back in action...definitely takes some scheduling, but I think i'm getting into a groove!!

Up next: ordering some awesome First Endurance products to sample and try out at races!!  I'm excited about this----new products that will help me avoid stomach issues while racing and training..i'm up for that!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Yea! Nice work on the swim - way to go Mer!! :) Yes "recovery/easy" and "3000" in the same sentence. Hee hee hee. But you did it - one more for the books!

ADC said...

Yay for doing it. I am not a natural swimmer like you, so this is never easy for me. Hope the bike arrived safely.

Anonymous said...
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