Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seeing results!!

One of these days i'm going to update the look of this blog...I kind of want an all white, more professional looking background, I hate how the blog posts are so long (in physical length, not duration...that's my own fault =0).

So:  quick update on the training...going *awesome*....i'm definitely able to get in some quality training and that I feel really good about---since I haven't gone back to work----which is a mixed bag of feelings, on the one hand I really do wish I was working, I really enjoyed my job!! On the other hand, I don't want to put Soren in a daycare we're not comfortable with and i'd rather wait for a slot to open up at the Navy center--and you know, I enjoy staying home a little more than I thought I would.  But, that's probably true because i'm able to get out and train and I have an "outlet," AND just today..drumroll: I met NICE NORMAL MOMS at, I think a few of us are going to try to do a playgroup!!  So, that would be so much fun!!!!

I have to admit, when I read other people's blogs, I skip right over graphs, charts, etc....I already know people train, what I like to read is what's going on in their lives, how they balance kids, jobs, interests (both triathlon and NON triathlon =0).....

So, just a quick update:  my running is coming along great, I knocked out some intervals earlier this week and did five miles and all five of my miles were under 9:00...averaged an 8:56 pace, so just barely under 9:00, but the intervals I did were all in the 7:45 range, so I was STOKED!!  Had another decent swim...and had a 7 mile treadmill run tonight where I had to keep some intervals under 9:00.  Turns out i'im actually doing really well with staying under feet just hurt =0.

AND..i'm ALREADY losing a freaking toenail.  Geez.....I already get pummeled by the pedicure ladies when I go--seriously, ask my friend Jena, *every time* we go---I get yelled at for callouses, black toenails..whatever...but, my theory is--I can throw some red polish on there and i'm good to go!  And, seriously, with our move to Boston, who in the Northeast even does their toenails in the winter??? Seriously??

Best feeling of the week--got my BIKE FIT..WOOP!  Will pick it up tomorrow or Saturday.

Worst feeling of the week:  volunteering at the Navy doctor's spouses bake sale that raises money for scholarships.  Which one of those words appeals the most??? BAKE...unfortunately, I didn't eat anything...and everyone there was exactly what I thought--fake and just "ugh".....thankfully none of them even know me or my blog so I can say whatever I want was just a waste of an hour I'll never get back.... I went out of my way to bake brownies last night at 9:30.....and sent them off with Dave....showed up today to volunteer, put Soren in the hospital child watch area and I was greeted just with an "i'm approaching a clique and everyone is staring" feeling.  I'm not a self conscious person by nature, I work with people for a living--so for me, people are my thing and when I can't talk to FOUR people---it can't possibly be me..or is it =0.  Looks like I won't be volunteering or socializing with them any time soon!!!

But, if I met cool mom's at Gymboree and that leads to friends for Soren, then that is way better than volunteering my time at another bake sale right!??

Off to find some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from the home made recipe I was going to use for the bake sale and then at the last second, opted for my "emergency" Duncan Heinz from a box.....that I ended up using instead =0


ADC said...

Yay, on some great running - I am so pleased for you.

As for the bake "event" - ugh, I know exactly what you think. It really must be a military spouses thing all over the world. Most of the things just seem fake. I have couple of great "army spouses" friends that I've made years ago and we are all over the country now but still in touch. I think we were the only ones who would not pretend and who had a life outside of the army.

jessithompson said...

Agree with you completely about reading blogs and skipping over "stuff". Glad to hear that training is going well and that you're finding a good balance and even met some nice, normal moms!

Laughed about the toenails... during my Ironman training, they were painting my black nails pink and the rest of my nails purple so they'd all match. After 3 of them fell out, I gave up and joked about going and getting a half-price pedi!

Anonymous said...

Heh-I have a fellow tri friend whose toe nails fall off. She goes to the salon to get fake ones put on from time to time.