Monday, February 8, 2010

The impossibility of scheduling...

Here's the thing, when you have a little one-you DO have a ton of free time, it's just that it is next to impossible to try to "plan" something at any given time.  So, for example, I can definitely get in some time to myself, or an hour swimming, biking or running...the issue is: the timing of it.  

So--if I want to go to a spin class, I have to mentally "walk through" Soren's day, is he going to be hungry at that time, or tired?? I used to be able to just drop him off and walk I have become one of "those" parents who mandates naps (I refuse to mandate a time for his naps...since he wakes up at varying he's tired...he goes down)...seems logical to me....however, I do mandate naps in general whenever he seems like he needs one!

Bedtime however, IS scheduled: 7:00...for his parents sanity (and this did not come without some effort...sleep training...thank you Dr.'s Weissbluth and Ferber)

What i'm saying is, I have a ton of free time during the day, but at any given time, I may have to feed Soren or put him down for a nap....I can "estimate" when a good time will be, but sometimes it varies.

This isn't usually problematic for me at all, unless I am: trying to schedule a bike fit that takes two hours at a shop that is super popular/not a lot of fit times left and coordinate that with a few people who may be able to watch Soren, but they're available at different times than the shop has fit times....sigh.

Today: I had an absolute angel help me out!!  Lynne Branchflower of Moment Cycle Sport knew that I had been calling a few times to try and see when they had fits available (my Kuota is BACK!!) =0, and she knows I have little Soren....finally after much discussion she's like "look, I don't know if you'd be ok with this, but I have Wednesday off and we can squeeze you in at 1:30 and I can watch Soren at my house which is near the shop."  I just about melted...I had been stressing all morning because I couldn't find anyone to watch Soren during the day and I MISS riding my bike and I desperately want to get back to riding....but, it takes a while to get a proper fit and I have to do that first!!!  So:  Lynne will watch Soren while I get my bike fit.   SUPER AWESOME!!! STOKED!  LOVE LYNNE!!!  Actually, I love Moment Cycle Sport in general--I have been to most of the bike shops here in San Diego and honestly, they saved my ass before Ironman Florida and i've never forgotten! It's hard to mandate loyality to "one" shop, because they all support the San Diego Tri Club, but....honestly, Moment is the ONLY one that I would really classify as having "mom and pop love."  So if you're ever in San Diego, PLEASE check them out--they're in cute Point Loma and super super friendly, and completely willing to help out (whether you have a baby or not) =0.

Back to my "scheduling," thoughts...thankfully my training is left in my own hands as far as timing goes...because if I had to promise that I would run by 3:00 pm, I would be in trouble!  Because i'm such a planner, sometimes it's hard for me and it stresses me out if I try to plan several days in advance in terms of training.  What i've been doing is figuring out with Dave if a day for him is going to be long or short.....if I have a run on my schedule---I typically see if he's going to be home early, that way I can run outside (I do have a jogging stroller, but if i'm doing intervals, i'd rather not make it more complicated by pushing a few extra pounds) =0.   If it's a swim day, I just take Soren to the Y with me....if it's a bike day--well, we haven't figured that out yet because my bike just arrived back...and each time i've tried to make a spin class, something "Soren-wise" has popped up!!

I think things will be easier once I settle in with my bike. One ride on the trainer and one outdoor ride a week for now..that I should be able to's just the spin classes that get tricky to schedule.

I *am* attempting masters swim this week...but only because there is a 12:00-1:00 lunchtime masters that has childcare!!  The other four times I could go to masters, there isn't childcare, and 12:00 is usually a good time "Soren-wise" =0.

It's actually a toss up between what is more mentally challenging, training for an Ironman or just training in general with a little one.  The odd thing is, I put WAY more pressure on myself prior to Soren and now.....I almost appreciate training a little more and i'm willing to work harder.  Funny how that works out isn't it?


ADC said...

Mer, I can just imagine how difficult it is to plan your day with a baby, let alone trying to plan the workouts. But you are doing soo well, you are my inspiration.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh Mer - I am SO happy that you're getting your fit! I felt terrible that I couldn't help you guys out...But YEA for Lynne and Moment Cycle Sport! AWESOME!!!

I think that you're doing great - balancing everything. It is TOUGH...but I can totally see how you appreciate everything that much more :)

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow and hear all about the fit!! WOO HOOO!!!!!