Monday, March 22, 2010

Recovery? What Recovery?

I got lucky earlier this week with the stomach flu....I know, so lucky right?  Thankfully it only lasted in the middle of the night and i'll just spare you the details by saying i'm ALSO lucky that my toilet and bathtub and right next to each other!!

Anyway, I had gotten slightly off schedule with training because I was in Colorado...then, I come back, I do one easy 45' run on Tuesday and then bam!...Tuesday night I get sick.  No idea if it was breakfast with Dave or the seared ahi we made, or just a general "noro-something-or-other" floating around.  Either way, I took a few days off and then today....I got our babysitter to come over and hang out with Soren since Dave is on call and I knocked out my two hour run.  I tried to take another blogger's advice and just run "normally" don't try to "race" every run I, I took it somewhat easy and ran 12.7 miles in two hours. 

I really wanted to finish at an even 13 miles, 'cause that's how I roll. Yes, i'm that irritating person riding in circles in the parking lot to even out my 39.95 mile ride to 40 miles, or trying to finish a set in the pool so I finish evenly.  No idea why, I mean, really does 12.7 miles differ THAT much than 13 miles? NO, but, I haven't run 13 miles since the Carlsbad Half in January and i'm getting anxious about my mileage for the Rock N Roll marathon!!  All in good time....I trust Amanda and I've made a conscious decision to go easy with mileage before the marathon, maybe even slightly "under trained" to take it easy on myself.  Truthfully, today I wrapped up at 12.7 because I needed to get Soren to the doctors and the pediatrician is only open for a few hours on Sunday, and so I had to get on the phone!  

Anyway, my day went like this:  I finish the run at 11:57, pick up phone while driving (I know, I know, bad...I put the pediatrician on speaker phone though).....pick up babysitter, drop her off at 12:05,

I make my recovery drink of Ultragen, I swear to god that stuff is better than Starbucks, SERIOUSLY.  12:15-I put Soren in the exersaucer and drink the  Ultragen and piece of string cheese in my mouth while i'm taking a bath (I take a bath so I can eat at the same time =0) AND so I can smile at Soren and make him laugh while he plays =0.

The pediatrician calls back at 12:30 and wants to know if I can make it in by 1:20.  Sure, no problem, i'm still in the tub, we live 20 minutes away and I need to feed Soren.  AHHHH. I need another set of hands.  No can do, Dave isn't home.......

12:40, I pull Soren out of the exersaucer...i'm still hungry.... and into his pack n play with some more toys while I eat the rest of the Indian meal we ate last night as I dry my hair.......feed Soren and we are out the door by 1:10.

I won't go through the rest of the day, but I laugh now at my "recovery" because it doesn't exist!! I know, most everyone else has this too if they're juggling a lot of things!!  Gone are my ice baths, foam roller and stretching...however, I do actually sort of stretch out when i'm walking around for the remainder of the day and I feel good at least that i'm eating pretty well and i'm drinking the Ultragen!

Tomorrow I have an optional swim which i'm going to do because Dave his home and i'm guaranteed to finish a swim!!   


ADC said...

I am also the crazy woman running around in circles to get the right number on my garmin. It is crazy.

But 12.7 in 2 hours is pretty good going if you ask me.

jessithompson said...

I hear you there, sista!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Love the picture of Soren swimming with Dave. Soren looks like he loves the water. So cute.