Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting closer....

People often tell me how fast they went after pregnancy, or they "know SO many people who went faster."   I hate hearing that and I REALLY hated it when I was pregnant because I KNOW myself, I know how long it took me to run an 8:15 pace comfortably: 4 years and I had a sneaky suspicion that having a baby wasn't going to do much for my running, though I will say I am getting my speed back faster than I anticipated, and i'll just take that!

I will say that I DO think my running/athletics helped me in labor.....17 minutes of actual "pushing,"....ok, so I had an epidural, but whatever, I still pushed him out =0....back to my reason for posting about running/speed:

I ran 17 miles on Saturday in 2:31 and 14 of those miles were under 9:00, which for me is awesome.  Gives me the satisfaction in knowing that I think I really can break 4:00 at the Rock N Roll marathon.   Previously I thought Boston would be a possibility, but at this particular time, it would be really impossible for me to do that, given that my longer run miles tend to be between 8:45-9:00.  So, i'm going to aim for breaking 4:00 at Rock N Roll and then I just signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October and we'll see if I can get some speed back before October.

I don't normally spend a lot of time writing about my training specifics, but I was so excited about my good long run, I had to post!  The week before I ran 15 miles and it was like a death march which involved a lot of walking, porto potty visits and multiple water bottle refills.....yuck.  And the feeling of wanting to attack small children on their bikes so that I could bike the rest of my run. is coming along well, I was stoked last week to receive my new racing kit from's AWESOME!!  I'll post a picture here in a few days when I get the pictures up from our camera, but I have to say it is REALLY fun being a part of a team!  Can't wait to wear my tri kit!  Dave was jealous because I now have all these cool training/racing clothes and he's piecing together his dilapidated Adidas pieces.  I suggested that if he learned how to swim more than float, perhaps he could be on the team too.  With his leg bothering him, he said last night he may swim one day and run the next so he's going to start working on his swim, and we'll see where he ends up!  I can hear it now "Mer....I think I need a Kestrel"

SPEAKING OF:  My Kestrel is officially in the shop being built as we speak!  SUPER excited to take it out for a's black and white and I just hope I do it justice!

Next up:  Carlsbad 5000 on Sunday.  My favorite part of this race: Dave is running before me!!! He hasn't run a race since I can't remember when--due to his leg, so i'm excited for him!  And.....our race starts are far enough apart and Dave runs fast enough that we can take turns with Soren! 

Stay tuned for my race report and pics!! I know, I never post here are some new ones:   All of us at Balboa Park for Easter brunch, me blowing bubbles with Soren and Soren after some home made sweet potatoes =0.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Yea! Great job Mer - that is AWESOME! You'll totally blow that 4-hour mark out of the water... I know it! :)

Can't wait to see you guys race on suday - woo hoo!

And SUPER CUTE pictures! Nathaniel and I were both looking at them - you guys all look awesome. :) Can't wait to see you SOON!

ADC said...

Wow, you ARE speedy. Really great run Meredith. I think that Boston is a real possibility for you - keep up the great work.

Melissa said...

Hi Meredith, Melissa here :-) You don't really know me, but I've been reading your blog for a bit. Today I start my 3rd trimester and it's been great reading about your return to training post-pregnancy. You inspire me! Good luck on the race this weekend!

The pictures of Soren swimming are so darn cute!

Trigirlpink said...

Mer, you are getting SPEEDY! Yay! Good luck at your next race. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Very cute pictures Mer. Great looking family:) I think you might suprise yourself on race day.

Jennifer Harrison said...

MER!~! how did Carlsbad 5000 go?? LOVE seeing the updated pics too...isn't it so fun? :)) keep up the hard work!!