Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone is always "somebody's something."

I had an awakening the other day and I hate to be cheesy and chalk it up to "parenthood," but, these types of thoughts weren't as profound as they are now.

I was crossing the 56 bike path on my bike last week and the "walk sign," was lit, so I started to cross and a large van was sitting there and the lane next to it I realized whatever car next to the van wouldn't see me, so I slowed down and sort of stopped before passing in front of the van.  Sure enough---a woman in a large car comes zooming through the walkway, slams on her breaks (after she realizes i'm trying to cross)..she's holding a frozen treat and she's like waving "sorry," and then CONTINUES.

Seriously, she kept going--i'm IN the crosswalk WITH a "walk sign," lit...and she keeps going.  I shouted at her a few four letter words but I also muttered to myself "i'm someone's mom."  And it dawned on me at that moment, someone is always someone special--whether it's a friend, a dad, mom, sister etc.  We're ALL important and life it too precious to be zipping around through crosswalks and operating machinery in a haphazardous way.

Yes, i'm guilty of texting and talking while driving...and i've pretty much stopped, but my encounter makes me even more aware of how just a bad decision at the wrong time has the ability to change someone's life.

I'm definitely more aware now of where I ride, I get nervous on Scripps Poway Parkway, I get nervous on route 67.  Ok, I get nervous everywhere now.  But, the fact of the matter is, accidents happen even on safe roads and if I want to ride, I have to get over being afraid of leaving Soren without a mom!  Sounds dramatic, but how many moms do you know that DON'T worry? Just sayin.

So--now I ride through my neighborhood over to the 56 bike path and up the coast.  Believe it or not even with all the traffic on 101, I feel safest and I feel like i'm more likely to get "door'd" by a tourist than actually hit by a car.

I feel like i'm finally coming along with all the legs have finally arrived somewhat and I don't feel as embarassing as I did the last few months.  I know, I know, "you just had a baby six months ago," but no one likes to feel huge and heavy when they're running (or, huge and heavy in general), i'm just excited to be feeling like my old self again!

I have also been enjoying my new-found NON-chloriney smelling hair and body....thanks to's nice now not having to shell out $35.00 for JUST the Pureology conditioner I used to buy.  Yes, I spent $35.00 on ONE bottle of conditioner just to get my hair to not smell like chlorine.  Now I can get shampoo and conditioner for less than that!!  Check them out: 

I also have to do one more plug, sorry.....seriously guys, i'm not used to using really cool and fun products....for you swimmers out there:  FOGGLE is amazing.  NO fogging of goggles at ALL while swimming.  Then again, as my friend Jena pointed out, the less time you spend on the wall wiping your goggles, the less time you have to stall.....very true =0.   You can get Foggle through Tri-Swim as well.  DO IT (at least for your races when you don't want to be stalled =0).

Over and out.


ADC said...

You know riding is never 100% safe and we always hear about the accidents but that shouldn't stop us from doing it. I guess we just have to be super careful. I was taught that when I learnt to drive - you never know whos is driving aroudn you and what kind of driver they are. So be careful.

jessithompson said...

Great post - scary stuff with that multi-tasking and driving. Love the SBR products too. FAB!

Kiersten said...
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Kiersten said...

Sometimes I find that sensation that "everyone is someone's Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother/child, etc" overwhelming. Working in the hospital, I try to provide the same level of care and compassion to every patient that I would my own loved one. It makes me hug my children a little harder, and tell my family I love them, and I think at the end of the day you find a balance between trying to prevent anything from happening to you or your kids and living a fulfilled life.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh Mer - I know you told me about this...but I got goose bumps reading about your encounter. You are SO SMART - thanks for reminding me about being a defensive athlete. YES - cars and drivers are not always paying attention. Thanks for the reminder....

YES for the anti-fog stuff..I've heard good things about it!

Trigirlpink said...

too bad she didn't choke on the frozen treat.
Ok that was mean... :-)