Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back in the swing of things!

I'm going to start blogging regularly again because I miss it and so my new goal for 2011 (is it too early for New Years' resolutions?)--is to blog everyday. What happens to me, is I like writing long blog entries, but the truth of it is, I don't always have time to do that, and I find myself reading people's blogs and the ones that I love are the daily ones that just have a picture or a brief "what happened today" sort of summary. I want to do that!  So.  It'll be a test to see if I can blog most everyday.....i'm just going to think of it as a journal and if it gets boring on some days.....come back another day, maybe it'll be more interesting eventually!

Quite a few changes....I did Vineman 70.3 in July....and again, I was just grateful to have raced..the profile picture on my blog is of Soren and I just before the race.  What a peaceful way to start a race--just hanging out with Soren, I didn't need to sit by myself and turn on my ipod..not that there is anything wrong with that approach, but.....sometimes I think people take themselves too seriously, and with me, now, I just don't have that kind of time----and I was way more relaxed at the start having Soren and Dave around, just keeping the mood light for me!!  I'll do a quick recap since it's been AGES.
Swim:  33:37
Bike: 3:03
Run: 2:07

Before the race, I called Amanda, I was overwhelmed, trying to find time to bike outside was difficult, doing two work outs a day was difficult, in general, I was stressed. I realized I think I bit off more than I could chew this year----too many long distance things. Actually, it was only TWO long distance events, the marathon and then the half ironman.....but when your little one is just that, little, things are so unpredictable and with a husband that works ridiculous hours, it's difficult for me to stick to a plan.  Anyway, she threw out the idea of me possibly not doing the race.  No way. I was doing it.  So, I promised myself I couldn't get angry with my results.  Even if I finished 40 minutes later than I did last time.

But you know what, for someone who only swam twice a week (not masters), and biked maybe 4-5 times total outside.....I held my own pretty well actually!  I don't toot my horn often, but I actually think I did pretty ok. As per usual, I am always annoyed with my run...but 2:07 isn't bad.  I can't complain, not when I wasn't able to put in as much as I wanted to.

My favorite part of the race, was literally tearing up on the bike because it's such a gorgeous bike course and I just felt lucky to be racing....happy!  I loved seeing Dave and Soren out there---it was the best.

It's been a few months but I have a few people I need to thank....Amanda for supporting me and and letting me know I would succeed no matter how I finished, Kestrel for allowing me to ride the most amazing bike ever, wow, the Airfoil Pro flies, it's truly an amazing bike!  Saucony, from the outfit to the shoes....absolute comfort, I used to shy away from wearing a light weight shoes, and I just absolutely LOVE my Fast Twitch 4's!!!  Awesome!  First Endurance----so grateful you guys stock up with the local stores because at the Expo, I found myself needing just ONE more gel flask, and they HAD it, I was thrilled!!  Tri-Swim--you managed to keep me smelling clean after the race---I brought the shampoo and conditioner with me, perfect post-race "spa" moment! My friend Marit-----who leant me her ZIP 404's to help me delete every possible second from my bike time!! =0.....and last but not least, Dave----being the best sherpa dad out there and juggling a few bottles and other random baby logistics all the while managing to catch some shots of me while're awesome and i'm very very lucky!!!

Brief synopsis since July:
1. We traveled to Seattle, Denver and Minneapolis to visit and MOVE.
2. We now live in Brookline, MA....
3. I'm doing what I can in terms of training, lots of running and i'm starting to incorporate spin classes since it's difficult to get out to ride as usual, and i'm hoping to swim at least once a week (it's SOMETHING!)--my gym doesn't have a pool, so it's one of those rare times i'm grateful I don't totally stink at swimming!

Here's a few recent pics!!

So! There you have it, the "east coast", still can't believe I live out here again....but, it's going really well and i've met some great people, so we've been really happy!!! STAY TUNED!


Melissa said...

Maybe I"ve said it before...but you are one of my mom-training-and-racing role models :-) And it's interesting to hear how you try to fit in the training...and enjoy racing. Love love love that pic of you and Soren before Vineman.

Hope you are enjoying the Boston area! If you ever get out to Boulder I'd love to stalk...I mean meet person. Hahahahaha.

Kelly said...

Welcome back to Blogland!! I'm glad things are going well and you are settling into your new home. We are so close, we need to to a Northeast Trakkers meetup!!