Friday, November 12, 2010

New Look

Needed to make the blog a little cleaner....I like writing in black or white, so this format fits me a little better.  So far, i've met the goal of working out mostly this week--I ran on Mon, did spin on Tues, took Wed off, Thurs I ran and then I ran again today...tomorrow is spinning again! I'm trying to lift weights/work on abs after each time I do cardio, so hopefully my lack of swimming won't result in my muscles dwindling too much!

I may actually try to swim on Sunday, we'll see if I have time!

Next up: Date Night! Dave and I haven't been to the movies since Soren was born. I saw Sex and the City 2 after Soren was born, but we haven't gone out on a movie date in ages!  I know, ridiculous...but usually when we go out we like to go to places where we can chat without the little guy around.  But! Tonight we've decided to have a quick dinner and go see "Due Date," hope it's good!

We have a babysitter coming, we've used her before, she watches Soren at the gym, so i'm comfortable leaving her and every time I see her she has like five kids hanging on her and she's always so laid back...I will say babysitting prices here are absolutely dumbfounding, then again we're not using a high school student, and I trust this girl, so I can't really put a price on that....but at $15-$20.00 an hour, we should ALL be babysitting!


Melissa said...

Have a great date night! Fun :-)

Jamie said...

Man, when I was laid off last year, I should have picked up some babysitting jobs! That is a heckuva lot more than I got paid in high school....

I'm liking the new blog layout too!