Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spinning around!

I'm starting to incorporate spin classes back into my training, I like spinning and sometimes you just need someone else to kick your butt for you. I do a decent job on the treadmill making myself run faster, but sometimes on a bike indoors, it's painful to motivate yourself to push against the resistance. Prior to serious triathlon training and working with a coach, I did spin classes (actually before I even owned a bike or new what "aero" meant) and my first sprint triathlon I did pretty well on the bike which I attribute to having done some spin classes.  SO! Given my newfound "cold" location, I am going to add some spin classes into my routine.....and of course i'll do the trainer as well!

Yesterday, I showed up for a spin class, it's the ONLY one the entire week at 9:00 a.m. during the week, all the other classes are "gentle yoga" or "Zumba"....nothing against those, but they require coordination and patience......neither of which are my strengths =0.  I showed up and wouldn't you know it, the instructor was stuck in traffic, so there we sat, all five of us, spinning to no music and no instructor.....she finally showed up and proceeded to kick our butts.

I've learned the following in spin classes:
1. Nothing is weirder than seeing someone pulling on their handlebars so hard they nearly pull them off because the resistance is turned up so high, they have to pull with their shoulders to make the pedals turn.....
2. If the instructor warns you that there are numerous hills, don't go all out in the beginning.
3. Bring water. Bring a towel.
4. I like it when the instructor varies the music, nothing is more irritating than an hour of techno music. I like techno, but 55 minutes of techno leaves me bored.
5. I like it when the instructor mixes up sprints with hills instructor the other day had us climb a hill for like 9 minutes with techno music. BORING.
6. I like breaks. Will work hard for breaks. If you do not give me a break, I get mad and i'll go slower. =0
7. Since leaving San Diego, all I had were short sleeved shirts to protect my shoulders from the sun, i'm now in need of tanktops, time to go shopping at SAUCONY!!

My eventual goal at least once a week is to hit the treadmill at the gym for an hour and then come home and during Soren's nap, do the bike trainer for 45 get in a decent double work out......why? Because i'm planning my 2011 schedule and it has some triathlons on it that aren't flat....welcome to the East coast Mer! =0

2011 tentative schedule to come soon...stay tuned!

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