Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yeah, I know, I have a race report....and it's kind of a good one because I ran the 5k out in Colorado, so it was at altitude and let's face it, my running has been somewhat consistent, but altitude, hmmm....that would be interesting.  I actually didn't think it would be interesting at all, I was thinking "whatever, altitude, i'll just go as hard as I can anyway..". 

So, the night before, the high for the morning was going to be around 12 or so degrees.....but I kept reminding myself that we were higher up and it as long as it wasn't windy, i'd be fine.  I asked both my sisters, and my new brother-in-law Ewam if they wanted to run and of course Dave.....I got solid "No's" up and down the board..for various reasons, mostly injury-related....and it was just flat out too cold for my sister Trinette..fair enough.  But, in the midst of my family there is ALWAYS ONE person I can count on to get out there provided he isn't injured brother--in-law Jeff! I've blogged about him before he ran for Colorado State and he's just a rabbit...very fast and even with the "I haven't really run in a long time" he still knocks out miles somewhere in the 7:00's..not too shabby for a busy dad who just got a promotion and barely has time for himself.  He was more than eager to drive over to the Anthem development and run the 5k with me!  When I lived with my sister while Dave was deployed, Jeff and I also "crashed" a 5k out in Longmont, Colorado that was already full. Whatever, we didn't need bibs and I wasn't planning on taking in any water from aid stations, so we bandited the course and off we went......this time we actually paid the fee and got some awesome shwag as well! 

It.was.cold.12 degrees is very cold. However, the sun was shining bright and no wind. Perfect.  I had on multiple ridiculous layers and at the last second decided to leave off my sister's running idea as by the end I was carrying my light gloves anyway!

We lined up and I just thought, well, go for it and see how far you can go full force.  Hmm, not very far, I started out fine and then I think, literally at .75 miles in, I was like "ok WHERE is the ONE mile marker".  Jeff passed me and goes "Hey, Ironwoman".....I laughed and I was thinking "man, it's been a long time since Ironman and it'll be an even longer time before another one of that distance," made me feel speedy =0. 

Running, thinking:  WHERE THE F is the air here? ? HELLO AIR. AIR PLEASE.  Just couldn't breathe all that well. I think somewhere a ten-year old and his dad passed me.  Crushing.  I didn't even think to use my inhaler.....I just didn't....could've really used it.  So, I just decided to push and I couldn't get my legs to turn over all that fast, but I just did what I could.  Thankfully the last mile was downhill..yayyyyy!    The altitude is not to be messed with----it definitely affects one's ability to move quickly when you're not used to it.  I actually started to feel a bit nauseous....yeah, nauseous in a 5k not even due to "speed". 

I rounded the corner and saw the finish. AWESOME! I felt like I was going to throw up, but ran across "happily" anyway!! Jeff came over quickly and I was completely out of breath but happy to have run!  Post-race coughing and lung adjustment ensued and was quickly quelled by the burrito samples they were giving out. YUM! 

We had to wait a few days for our results, and I wasn't wearing a watch, I had literally no idea how I did....but, of course, dying to know!!

I was actually thrilled.... results: 25:53/8:19 pace and 14 out of 99 for my age group..not too shabby.....given altitude, cold and really no speed training just regular running!  Maybe someday that will translate into a 26.2 miler with a Boston qualification...a girl can dream can't she??


Kelly said...

Congrats! I know I've said this before, but I just love your header picture! I hope all is well!

Kiersten said...

What fun! (but cold!)

Joel said...

What an awesome race, Meredith! Congrats.

That said, I'm not sure I would have even stepped out of the car at 12 degrees - let alone gone for a run. More power to you!

Laura said...

fing cold... cold... cold. Certainly makes the air feel even more sparse. Awesome showing.. and yes think that's a good step toward Boston! Right? Right? I'm going w/ that! ;)

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Anthony said...

Sorry I missed you. Next time you're in CO let me know. Altitude is great for training, not so great for racing!