Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...

I'm really bad at posting pictures on my blog, primarily because it takes a while.....but while I think of my next post, here are some very recent pictures....Easter, Spain and just one pic so far of my sister Dawn's visit with my niece, Mia.  I have a lot on my mind right now that I want to write about, but I need to find a way to put it together that makes for now, here are some pics to ponder :)

Soren on his Easter egg hunt!

"Helping" Soren find chocolate eggs :)

Attempt at Easter family photo, Soren "cheese" ... :)

Plaza del Sol, Madrid, Spain=awesomeness

Tapas market in Madrid

Olive oil and salt potato so so good!

Royal Palace in Madrid, we just walked the grounds, not sure I have the patience for being inside on a day like that!

Wish I could make this!! Shrimp and mushroom appetizer...major yum..followed by paella and lots of sangria :)

Beer break :)

Small side-street tapas' dinner.....yum!

Toledo, Spain.....very cool!

You'd think it was me who wanted to take a pic with the train.....nope...Dave insisted :)

Building with Lego's!

It may be 40 degrees out but Soren is ready for Summer!

With his sweet cousin Mia who was absolutely adorable with him, reading/coloring, letting him climb all over her!!!


Laura Wheatley said...

awwww love it! Soren is so handsome, anode looks like you had an amazing time in Spain with your hubby!

Caratunk Girl said...

LOVE those pictures!! SO awesome - Soren is so freaking cute.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Those pictures are great. Soren is super cute...just like his parents.