Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beginning of the week

I can't really tell when my training weeks start and end, theoretically it should be on Thursday since that is my day off, but Monday's are the beginning of each week. Anyway, I had a 90 minute swim today and a 90 minute ride. I swam first, which would have been fine, except I forgot a towel! Not a huge deal, I just used clothes to dry off before I started riding. I felt great in the pool, but the ride was another story. I just couldn't gain a lot of speed, I think I am just wiped out from the weekend, by Tuesday I usually start to feel better again!

An uneventful day in the world of training but otherwise, very exciting for our friends, Mara and John. John is a pilot in Dave's old squadron and just returned home today from a 7 month deployment in the gulf! I got there a little late, but the crowd was just like you see on t.v., signs, balloons, little kids waiting to see their dads....it's truly amazing, and I don't know how people go through this regularly. Welcome home John!

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