Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bye to cool weather..

It got hot again! Payback for discussing cooler weather here in San Diego! My alarm went off at 7:45 and that was a late enough start as it was, but I rolled over and didn't get up until 9:00...I think my ride/short run really wiped me out yesterday. Dave and I both started our runs down a Coronado because we thought being closer to the water would help with the temps...not so much. He had a short run and I ran for 2 hours---I think it was close to 14 miles, but i'm not exactly sure. I was very glad to have the appropriate amount of water and nutrition today. I had 3 shot bloks and 2 salt tablets each hour and I refilled my water once, so I think I was in good shape. Shot bloks have sodium and potassium in them, so they help give energy while doing a long workout---they're similar to "Gu" but in more of a gummy bear form? I started to hurt a little close to the end of 2 hours. My knees were just not happy with me and my stupid shoes---again ripped off the moleskin and left my blister exposed. I am taking back my original thought: the shoes will be returned to the store. The bike portion was uneventful, short ride, 30 minutes---and I needed something to help even out my knees and the bike was good to keep my legs moving, but pressure off the knees.
All in all a good day....I am really tired now! Bed will probably be early tonight! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Kir said...

Please oh please oh please be kind to your KNEES!!! I sure do miss my left one! =( You can't even imagine how awful it is when they are gone.....booooo......