Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Days like today are hard, I have a slight cold, not enough for me to lay on the couch and watch t.v...which I can't do anyway since our cable is having issues. But, I wouldn't say full on training is a smart idea either. So, I decided to split the difference---skip the swim I was scheduled to do, but try to give it a go at the track workout. This is an effort for me because I usually whine to myself about my running times, even though i'm improving..and because I have a very low "suck it up" ability when i'm even slightly sick. I don't get sick often, I think the last time I was slightly sick was in February.....so, anyway, i'm a baby. I'm headed out to track soon and maybe it'll make me feel better, that has happened before! I think there are days when you know you can *really* workout, and other days you can't, this is one of those days where I just have to push through my headache and runny nose...and if it gets worse, i'll back off a bit. I'll let you know how the track goes today is: 6x800, an 800 is two laps around the track.

This is almost one of my coach's favorite workouts---even though i'm doing it with our triathlon club, Amanda absolutely loves to give me 1000 repeats, which is 2.5 laps around the track and those just kill me! However, i'm very grateful to have a coach with an extensive/impressive running background, I think it really helps my own workouts!
Stay tuned!

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