Saturday, August 25, 2007


My 4.5 hour ride today went well, not as fast as I would like it to have been. I did 72.30 miles--I was hoping to get in 75 but there was a headwind preventing me from really moving well at some parts.

It's an "out and back" ride, so I just repeat it, sounds boring but it's really good practice for me to be in my aerobars for a long time like that and I actually enjoy figuring out how to pace myself for a long period of time with no interruptions (traffic, people, bathroom stops etc). On the way out--I was able to maintain about 20-21mph and then naturally on the way back there was a strong headwind, so I could barely maintain about 14-15 mph, so, I just made sure I was in an easier gear and able to maintain a good cadence, rather than pushing really hard through the wind.

All was well until.."bzzzzzz, GULP". Yup, I ate something, and it hurt!! I'm not sure if it was a bee or not, but whatever it was flew to the left side of my throat and definitely didn't die without kicking or biting or stinging..i'm not sure what it was but it took a few minutes for it to go away. I naturally called Dave completely overdramatic asking "do bee's stay alive in you, or do they die?"......fighting back laughter, Dave reassured me I would be fine and was I still breathing and swallowing ok? I, I carried on! My throat is a bit sore but not really a big deal =0.

I learned a big lesson today: Absolutely ALWAYS bring more "nutrition" with me than I think i'll need. I was highly irritated with myself, i brought enough food for about a 3.5 hour ride, but not nearly enough water and not enough salt or food in general. When I finished my ride, I had absolutely nothing left to eat or drink before my run. I did the best I could but I was bonking badly (bonking just means you lose all energy and you don't have power left to move etc). So, I managed to get in a 27 minute run literally running on empty, not smart----but I was supposed to run for 60 minutes, but I was already somewhat lightheaded and out of it, but my brick workouts are SUPER important.

"Nutrition"---food and water I bring with me on the bike and run (more in another post about this)
"Brick"--when you run immediately after a ride..these are super important for training, and they're actually my favorite because they REALLY help get rid of the lactic acid buildup in your legs from a ride..and even though I usually start out slow, I love it when I feel the slowness go away and I finally find my pace.

At least I ironed out some kinks w/my running shoes. I have 2 pairs: 1 for short distances called light weight trainers, I love them. And another for long distances--which i'm growing to like. I was about ready to return them due to blisters, which i've never had with Mizuno's, especially 4 weeks into running in them, but finally, today, my blister did not return. YAY!

All in all a good day---other than my "BZZZZ" incident, low food and incredibly annoying and oblivious tourists, it was a success. Tourists in San Diego like to walk along the bike path going the wrong way, 4 people across and NOT paying attention and they're usually not using the path for exercise, it's usually to walk to the shops in Coronado...there are even ARROWS and signs indicating bike/walk path use.......all in a days fun right? That said, come visit anytime =0 hehe.

Thanks for reading!

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Kir said...

Oh how scary!!!! Bugs are GROSS!!!! I would have freaked out too! Keep up the fantastic work kiddo!!!!!