Friday, August 24, 2007

Ocean fears dwindling...

Started out this morning with an awesome run with Julia at Mission Trails park...neither one of us knew where we were going and the first two we tried, we ended up in the same spot we started. Anyhow, we realized we both run the same pace, which was nice for us, since neither one of us is big on running with people. We ran for over an hour and she made me sprint the finish...thanks Juls! Trails are hard, they sneak up you kind of because you can be running somewhat flat and then up running a hill before you know it, and it's just a great workout and I think I needed a variety from my regular flat routes.

We ate a snack and then headed over to La Jolla Shores and started swimming. By then, it had warmed up considerably and putting on my wetsuit was a fairly warm adventure. It's amazing how quickly the water will cool off---earlier this week it was so warm, today it was more chilly. We swam about 2 miles, and on the way back had a considerable current, so we had some navigating to do on the return. I'm learning to enjoy ocean swimming even more-we saw several kinds of fish today, very neat. I felt privileged to be able to swim in the water--and truly take advantage of San Diego in that way. I usually am absolutely petrified when I swim--that "this is it, today, I will be eaten, today a shark will swim away from it's pack and find me". Very dramatic, thankfully i'm moving past that!

It was a good workout day and i'm feeling tired, but laughing---because Julia and I both have tanlines on our forehead's from our swim caps. I haven't forgotten sunblock in a LONG time, but I forgot it on my face today and now I have the line! Thanks for reading...tomorrow is my long ride and a run after.

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