Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well..I sucked it up...

And I had a great track workout! Someone told me that it's actually good to run when you have just a head cold, you can "sweat it out," you're just really not supposed to exercise if it's already in your chest--lucky for me it's just a head cold right now!

Anyway, we did 6x800 (6x2 laps)...and my results: (the first set of numbers is actual time I ran the 2 laps in and the time in parathesesis is what pace I would run if I maintained that pace for 4 laps which is a mile---which would be hilarious, since I know I couldn't maintain that effort for a full mile, but it does help overall sprinting improvement and i've definitely improved!).
1. 3:20 (6:42)
2. 3:23 (6:48)
3. 3:29 (7:00)
4. 3:33 (7:08)-I tried backing off here, but then I slacked too much, after starting out too hard)
5. 3:30 (7:02)
6. 3:29 (7:00), yay strong finish!

So, that's it, it's almost 8:00 and we need to eat some dinner! Thanks for reading...tomorrow is a long ride/run.....fearing it may get cut short since we have a welcome home dinner for John at our favorite Italian place in La Jolla, i'll do what I can!

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Angie said...

Good for you! I absolutely hate hate hate hate. Track workouts. Did i say i hated them? Yep hate um. I would rather swim 5 miles. Anyway, awesome job!