Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great swim!

Due to my changing around of my schedule just a little, I ended up doing my 90 minute swim today and it was really great. It's funny, it takes me so long to warm up, but once i'm about a half hour or so into the swim, I can really pick up the pace. Not sure why it takes so long, but I felt the same way running yesterday, even though my legs were tight yesterday, I felt like by mile 9 or 10 I could actually have picked up the pace if my legs would have cooperated.

I swam 3650 meters today (ok, so technically I only swam for 86 minutes)....that's about 2.2 miles.

For me--I may not be the speediest swimmer, but i'm pretty confident in my stroke, I would love to do a stroke analysis since it's been years since i've had someone look at my stroke, but because I swam competitively when I was younger, I feel like swimming is my "without fail" part of triathlon, I can usually depend on somewhat of a decent swim. I've improved a little bit in the swim since I started triathlon, but nothing huge....and I don't know if that means i'm "at" where i'm at. Honestly, I feel like my swim is solid enough, i'd much rather focus on cycling efficiency and running efficiency.

That said, i'd love to take a swim clinic at some point....just not before Ironman! I feel like in my blog I haven't addressed my swimming a lot, and maybe it's because of what I said---I'm comfortable in the pool.

Open water,--that has taken a lot of getting used to for me. My biggest improvement I feel this year has been my "sighting" or my ability to look up while swimming and figure out where i'm at. I didn't have anything heinous like last year at the Los Angeles Triathlon where I was all over the frickin' place..that was an awful swim for me. This year I haven't had that problem---i've actually been able to start a swim and focus on really pulling through my stroke and pushing and keeping my legs kicking (in triathlon you don't kick a tremendous amount like you would in a pool race) it's mostly pulling, but I like to rely upon my legs since I feel like my legs are stronger than my arms =0.

Alrighty, that about kills my swim thoughts!!
Have a terrific Wednesday, we're almost into Thursday! YAY!

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