Sunday, September 2, 2007

Still hot..really hot

So, we don't have 105 degree weather here in San Diego, but we do have 90 degrees with what I would call pure Virginia humidity. Ugh, it's been awful. You'd think being on the coast it would help, it does somewhat.

Thursday night I made a conscious decision to try to just sleep in and get sleep due to being sick and I haven't been sleeping well at all--it's been taking me almost 2 hours to fall asleep at night...finally, after taking the day off on Thursday (i was scheduled for a 2 hour run) but I was completely wiped out and really fatigued. I woke up Friday morning finally having slept and my cold was pretty much gone! I was excited so I could do my 2 hour run Friday.....WRONG. The trade off for sleeping in, was the heat. When I got out of work it was about 95 degrees at the lake where i've been running.....but, I did what I could, I ran for an hour and forty minutes and it was about 10 miles. Very slow for me. I usually aim to do about 14 miles in 2 hours, so I wasn't moving along at all, but I was proud of myself for sucking it up in the heat and just getting over my cold. Anyway, so it wrapped up a crappy training and feeling week. Oh well, my coach is right, there are days you'll be excited and happy with your training and days you just won't be.

Today I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to drive up to Carlsbad in northern San Diego to meet some new people for a ride. I had my reservations because it was a guy heading the ride and i'm always nervous about getting dropped etc, unless it's some completely out of shape dude, i'll most likely get left behind. My friend Elaine was going to be riding with me, (Ironman Florida is her 7th Ironman, she rocks!). Anyway--I get there, set up my bike, i'm all ready. True to group riding form, some idiot is always late. I'm sorry, I can be late, but if you're late THAT early in the morning i'll be irritated. So, this guy shows up at like 7:15, (ride was supposed to start at 7:00)...pulls out his bike, commenting on how chatty we all are etc. Then, another guy shows up on a mountain bike...for an 80-90 mile ride. I thought "great, this will go well". It's just hard riding with a group sometimes, everyone has different needs, bathroom, water, food, breaks, chain issues. I do love riding with groups, when I know people, but i'm always nervous about a new group since you don't know their habits! We start and immediately, the mountain biker gets a flat..we all stop. Then, someone needs a tool to tighten their water bottle cage.....then, I got yelled at for having my chin strap too loose by a man old enough to be my father (he was right in pointing it out, but I still think if I was a guy, not a female, he wouldn't have said anything). So, now it's 8:00...we're already an hour behind....ugh. Still staying positive, Elaine and I and another cool chick continue to ride with the 2 lead guys (chin strap yeller and then the nice guy). 25 miles into the ride, the guys drop us and eventually we meet up with them, and Elaine says, "definitely, don't wait, go ahead, i'm familiar with the ride, we're ok".....Chin strap yeller: "no...I kind of like the break".....implying that we're slow enough he can clip out of his bike and relax. Jerk. Anyway, the guys finally leave us, and we finished our 82 mile ride in about 5:06 something like that. A bit slower than we were hoping for---it had some rolling hills etc...but, awesome awesome ride. We rode from Carlsbad to Dana Point, nice breeze--ocean view with some loops in Camp Pendleton, I was excited to have a new route. I look forward to riding again with Elaine obviously and our new friend, the butt-kicking Navy officer, 23-year old Lindsay, she was super cool! Chin strap yeller, I could do without =0. Thanks for reading! As I said before, training has its irritations, but I have to chuckle at some of the people i've met and i'm thankful for those who have really given me valuable thoughts to ponder about in my training and nutrition. Special thanks to Elaine who shared with me her perogies and her Tea flavored cliff bar drink mixed with a coca-cola Nuun tastes like Chai tea! We're always trying new nutrition for our bikes. I didn't have any big winners today..just my usual: Pure Fit Bar chocolate (suggestion of my coach, and it's super tasty), and my Ritz Bitz PNT BTR crackers...and shot bloks etc. Thanks for reading, sorry so long, sometimes when I feel like chatting, i do, other times, nothing to report!

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