Saturday, November 24, 2007

At ease....

I got in a 35 minute run yesterday...though, apparently cereal isn't the thing I should be eating before running...20 minutes into my run, I ran out of gas and no energy. Dave was out running and actually circled back around to try to find me, he was a bit worried since he ran with me for a bit and I was wobbling around! I finished and drove home to stuff my face!

Today I got up and met my friend Elaine for a 25 mile ride. It was nice because it involved some climbing so I feel like I got in a better workout than I would have just floating around by myself...and as usual, it was awesome to hang out with her and her husband came along for the ride as well.

We naturally discussed the addition of another Ironman Arizona which was added by NA Sports this's the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2008..and naturally she wanted to know if I would do it.

If I was even CONSIDERING this race, this was what my pro/con list would look like...

Let's see--the PROs to doing the new Ironman Arizona
1. No airfare cost-since we can drive
2. No hotel cost-since we'd stay with Dave's family
3. No restaurant/eating out costs.....
4. Oh yeah, the course is primarily flat, like Florida---another chance for me to do my "aero" thing I like

CONS for Ironman Arizona
1. Ironman training...'Nuf said
2. I fear I may need a neoprene hat for Tempe Town lake..brrrrr!
3. It's the weekend before Thanksgiving and next year we're due to spend T-giving in Colorado....hmm, would my parents and family come "south" from Colorado instead?
4. IRONMAN training--obviously we know how I feel about this.

Amazing i'm even considering this......stay tuned.

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