Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting flexible....

So, this week, for the first time in a year--i've been working on something other than swimming, biking and running.

I got a card in the mail for Corepower Yoga, a new studio opening right near my favorite Trader Joe's! So, I decided it was finally time for me to dial in on my "core" and work on my flexiblity. Man oh man, am I ever inflexible! My first class on Monday as I said I was looking around, making sure my "downward dog" and my "warrior 2" poses were the same as everyone else's. More than anything--these left me *almost* in as much pain as I was after Ironman. No, I don't think that is an exaggeration. Maybe just as painful in different areas.

I was laughing to myself, because on Tuesday I wanted to go running, but I was sore enough that I realized, I should probably take the day off. It being the off season and all, i'm supposed to be resting so I took Tuesday off and then went back to the Corepower studio yesterday. The best news is: i'm not really sore today! So, I think Monday just really jolted my system!

Today i'm attempting a 45 minute run and tomorrow I may swim.

Where is my swimming going? No idea--i've gotten in some biking, definitely running, but just one 30 minute swim since Ironman. It's still about 65-70 here in San Diego, but not warm enough to make me want to jump in the pool. I probably should to "shake out," but i'm not too worried about losing "swim fitness"......running fitness on the other hand, I can't afford to lose a bit!

I wrote down my triathlons for next season in my last post, but here is what i'm hoping the rest of my schedule looks like:
January 20th-Carlsbad Half Marathon
March 3rd-Camp Pendleton Bulldog Bike Race (just a fun 26 mile race..hilly, great way to get day started!)
March 15th-St. Patty's 10K
April 6-Carlsbad 5000
April 21-La Jolla Half Marathon
July 20th-Vineman 70.3
August 10th-Boulder Long Course
November 23rd-IMAZ

I'm sure i'll get in some sort of 10K on Fourth of goal is to keep my running really consistent, work on HILLS and just keep plugging away.

I wish I had time for more races this year, one of my favorite races, San Diego International Triathlon is the same day as my cousin's wedding in NYC so obviously I'll be missing it. I decided that I would rather train longer and go longer in my races then work on short distance races. I don't think i'm fast enough to truly compete in the olympic distance races, I enjoy them, but I really love the 70.3 distance!

Off to work!!

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