Monday, November 26, 2007

IRONMAN ARIZONA November 23, 2008

OOps...I did it again!!! I signed up for the new Ironman Arizona, now you all to get hear me complain again for another 11 months =0.

Just kidding! I'm going to use Florida as a base to go off of, in terms of "what went right/wrong." I'm very happy to continue working on the things that went well (bike nutrition) and things that went wrong (breakfast and run nutrition).

Why did I bite the bullet and sign up? Well, literally "everyone else is doing it and I didn't want to be left out." SERIOUSLY--all my friends from Florida and some of my cycling buddies are doing it. Plus---it fell in my lap--my in-laws live in Scottsdale, so we can drive, hang out with them, bring the dogs and relax!! I'm excited for the Arizona course, it's similar to Florida a little bit, so I can do my aero deal I really love!

AND it's a hugely spectator friendly course-the bike is 3 laps and the run is 3 laps...lots of places for people to cheer!

I will stink, as it always does---but I know the sense of accomplishment will be worth it...every....damn..hour of training..WORTH IT! I will keep repeating that so I remember it when my days are long in August =0.

We also have 4 weddings we're attending next year---so my race season is rather short: it is as follows:
Vineman 70.3, Boulder Long Course and then Ironman....keeping it simple....relatively! Vineman and Boulder will help me get some better experience in racing hills and then hopefully Arizona will be a great final race for the season.

Stay tuned, plenty more to come!

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