Friday, November 16, 2007

I've been tagged!!

My coach tagged me, so that means I have to write 5 random things about myself. And, as she said in her own blog, there is very little that I don't share, so here goes:

1. I love french fries (I think I covered this in my very first post, but just in case you missed it). Specifically fries from Chilis. I would choose french fries over chocolate cake, sushi, just about anything. I love them, and I don't share them--due to my older sisters who used to steal my fries when we were growing up!

2. I worked for Congressman/Minority Leader Dick Gephardt on Capitol Hill for two years and did the whole "paper on the train, bustling world of politics and making very efficient copies for important people)....he ran for President in 2004...sadly, he didn't make it, nor did anyone from my preferred party.

3. I have pretty bad taste in music and unfortunately, I can't blame my hearing loss....I just have bad taste, or old taste rather (Billy Joel anyone?).

4. I was a locally and nationally ranked tennis player in high school.

5. I failed accounting in college. As in a "F" on my report card. I took it pass/fail and I failed..and i'm still annoyed about it

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Kir said...

These cracked me up because your horrible taste in music (which isn't horrible BTW) got you tickets to the Billy Joel & Elton John concert for Christmas one year and I love that you played tennis in high school because....that's how we met! Bluefield anyone? =) However, I have to admit that I was unaware of your love of french fries! YAY!