Thursday, November 22, 2007

Plodding along here...

So, last Friday I grew a little tired of just not doing *anything*...let's get real here, the off season for most athletes just means that we're not "racing" very much--but really, we're just itching to start training for something..even if it's a 5K walk or seeing how fast we can go around the block with our dogs.

So a recap of what type of movement i've been doing since Ironman:

Friday 16th-30 minute swim
Saturday 17th-30 minute run (this was "run," was a run, however broken up into segments of walking, a cramp in my side and my hamstrings were saying "what the hell??")
Sunday 18th- 1hr. 10 minute bike ride-20 miles (I promptly came home and took a nap).
Tuesday-4 mile run (33 minutes)...I was STOKED. Each mile I did less than 8:24 minute per mile.....WAHOO! I still got it, somewhere in there, my training is STILL there.
Thursday-hopefully a 40 minute run

Yes okay...I was kind of worried all my hard work from Ironman would go out the window. So, i'm still kind of under "orders," to not over exert myself.

I know, I know...however, I am just itching to do the 10K for Hunger tomorrow here in San Diego. Although, lucky for my knees, it starts at 8:00 a.m. and it's already almost midnight, so i'm going to pass on the 10K and settle for a 40 minute run. Just because I feel like it.

I wish I could just force myself to stroll or ride my bike easy, or swim without doing an interval, but for some reason, all that sounds boring. If you want me to take it easy, take me on a hike or make me walk my dogs, but if you ask me to 'run' easy, i'll just find a way to make myself move faster, or if i'm on my bike, i'll take it easy for a few minutes and then i'll say "ok, sprint from here to that next sign".

I'm really trying to lay low for next season.....really!

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