Sunday, December 16, 2007

Falling off the wagon..

Why haven't I posted in a week? Because I did nothing last week...nothing, no classes, no running, nothing. Last Monday I came down with pink eye and felt like I was coming down with the flu----so, by the time Wednesday rolled around, I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon after work, Thursday, I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine..annnnd, since it's the off season, I don't set an alarm to get up to train =0. So, last week working out kind of went in the crapper.

How did I feel about that? Not very good, not because I was whining and speaking from an "i'm not training" perspective, but I just realized how much biking, swimming and running and just keeping in shape in general is important to me. I do these activities because they make me *feel* good..and yeah, in general, i'd like to keep my pants fitting the right way! I have cut way back on shopping in recent years due to costs in triathlon, so the pants I have, *need* to fit! Anyway, I understand now why triathlon in general is really a lifestyle, or if someone runs, it's a "lifestyle." And people who "have" to run and get energy out, do it because it makes them feel better, whether physically or mentally. self loathing ended today, and I knew it would because.....I RODE! That's right folks, my bike was back from the shop, training wheels back on (race wheels off), a proper tune up and I joined six other people at 9 a.m. this morning and rode for 40 miles. It was awesome.

Keeping 7 people together may not sound like a difficult task, but you never know when you have 2 of the 7 training for an April Ironman, 1 guy who "loves hills," me, who just finished an Ironman, 1 girl who did an Ironman back in June and then Julia and Jill who did a 12 hour mountain bike race three weeks ago. Verdict: we all rode awesome together. The guys were "allowed" to join us, as long as they rode WITH us, no complaining, waiting for us, asking us stupid competitive questions etc. They were great to ride with! First time ever that I rode with guys and I wasn't rolling my eyes about any comments!

I warned them in the beginning I would be slow coming back up Torrey Pines (a rather large hill in San Diego). It's not *awful* but not one that at this point in the year I can move up with any pace. I felt better when I was second-to-last to the top and my throat was burning, that Julia reported her heart rate was in the 180's. I totally get dropped on hills. And...I hate it.

Mission for the year: get strong on hills...for bike AND run.

My trail-loving friend Kathleen has vowed to take me through the Mission Trails park (starting this week) to boost up my trail running. Dave will also be working with me on tempo runs, and changing up my running pace. I really want this year to count. I'm only doing 3 triathlons (with some other stuff mixed in), so I want to nail these races.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow: It's a yoga class and maybe a run...if my ass stops hurting from this ride today =0


Dave! said...

Tempo runs! Now we're talking! Glad that your ride today was great! Love you!

Shan said...

You did awesome yesterday :) And don't worry about those hills - you'll be crushing them before you know it!!!

I hope you and Dave have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll see you soon - when I get back from Thailand :)