Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How quickly we lose fitness...

It's unbelievable. I spend months training for Ironman and just keeping up my fitness in general. The last six weeks since Ironman i've taken it easy and boy it's like starting from square one again. I was still slightly sore from my ride on Sunday, but yesterday I did yoga for an hour and ran with Dave for 32 minutes (I like to be precise =0)...and today, my back is sore, my legs and thighs are aching a bit. Nothing excruciating, but enough to be frustrating. My response: keep going. The past few weeks since Ironman if i've been sore, i've just backed off from working out since I knew I was still recovering somewhat. Now, i'm tired of that sore feeling and i'm feeling out of shape so i'm just going to press on!

Today, i'm headed over to Miramar Marine Corps Base and i'll use their free gym =0. And i'm going to run around base and do some weights. Yoga and pilates is awesome, but I really need to work on building my leg strength to help my knee pain.

As of December 30th...I am back on a training schedule....with my awesome coach, Amanda....i'm ready. Amazing how little time off I need and I start to get bored...or kind of lazy...with a schedule I know what to expect.

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