Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finding a balance...

So, we know how yoga has been going for I decided I would try pilates as well to see if it has any additional benefits. My issue with yoga is that it doesn't target my stomach enough. I know, all of you are rolling your eyes and saying "of course it does, it's a CORE workout"....well, for those of us who are so busy working on not falling over, we completely miss the "and INHAAAAALE and EXHAAALE" portion of yoga. Honestly, i'm trying to engage my muscles so i'm focused on that, I can't remember to breath appropriately.

I've decided to take the stretch and strengthening part of yoga, which I think is amazing and who knows maybe eventually i'll get the breathing down. In the meantime, i'm going to be adding in a pilates class.

My goal: 2 pilates classes and 2 yoga classes a week.

Pilates was painful. The class was from 5:30-6:30 and I abs were done. As in, I couldn' t lift my shoulders off the ground to do a different exercise. Thankfully we switched to another part of the body to give my abs a rest. I truly enjoyed the class because we used resistance bands and worked on strengthening our hip muscles, thighs, and light toning of our arms. I really liked the pilates. SO, if you're irritated with yoga, maybe add in some pilates until you're comfy with the yoga exercises.

Monday: Ran Miramar Lake for 42 minutes (5 miles)
Tuesday: Ran Balboa Park for 35 minutes (4 miles) and then Pilates for an hour
Wednesday: Goal: Yoga for 60 minutes and then swim for 30 minutes.

I haven't swum in a long time, so i'm going to go stretch it out for a bit.

OH! For everyone curious about the CIM Marathon this past weekend. Dave had a phenomenal race! He ran his goal of sub-3 for the marathon. He ran a 2:58, which qualifies him for Boston...again! So, looks like we'll be in Beantown in April of 08 and 09 =0. Jeff also ran an amazing race: 3:35!! I don't know how they do it! Jeff didn't meet the goal he was hoping for, but I was like "HELLO 3:35...amazing!" He said he would keep working towards Boston, I would love for him and my sister and the kids to come out in 2009 to race!!!

I think this Spring i'd love to do some running with the San Diego Track Club. I'm a member of the Triathlon Club here, and we have track workouts, but what i'd really like to focus on is running in a group setting in addition to running track. I think that would help my running! Right now, I basically run alone. Dave is going to help me with speed once he recovers from CIM.

Off to work!

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