Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sticking to it..

I was good today! I stuck to my plan: 45 minute run and lifting some weights and some work with the BOSU ball (those huge balls in the gym for core work)....I laughed because I literally did 10 minutes with the BOSU ball (after yoga yesterday my shoulders and deltoid muscles are really sore)...and then I did 10 minutes of lifting weights. Ugh. I did the hip abductor machine, leg press and then the leg extension. All work for my quads....did some wonders for the glute area as well! I did like one repetition of free weights ..and that.....was....it.

I hate lifting weights, I stick to mostly just leg related weights to help strengthen my quad muscles to alleviate the pain in my knee. I'm thinking my sister meant more than 10 minutes of weight lifting when she suggested strengthening that area.

Oh well, it's a start right?? I actually WENT to a gym, which we all know I hate, so kudo's to me!

Tomorrow: Yoga again and another run. I need to keep up running consistently because of my upcoming half marathon January 20th. Yikes, that may have been a tad bit ambitious, just in terms of "am I really ready to be running long again?". Oh well, I have a friend flying in from the east coast (Shannon) to run it with me, so that is motivation enough!

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Kir said...

Ahhhhh strengthening the quad to help alleviate that knee pain! Gee....sounds soooo familiar!!! Keep up the great work! You'll do awesome in the 1/2 marathon!!!!!!