Friday, January 25, 2008

So hungry!!

It's bad enough that I eat more than the average girl probably does to begin with, but when i'm training, it's like absolutely *nothing* fills me up and i'm always hungry. Allow me to elaborate:

Yesterday: 45 minute run, 60 minute swim (about2400 meters). In between my run and swim I drank a chocolate soy milk (milk in general is a great post-work out drink since it has protein/carbs). So, I got through my swim ok, and then after I finished swimming, I was starving! Came home and had cottage cheese mixed with pineapple (sorry if that is gross, it's a childhood snack!), that didn't do it. Then, I had some "pretzel slims" from Trader Joes. The thing is, I got home at 4:00 so I knew i'd be eating dinner soon, so I didn't want to make something huge.

Today: 60 minute swim and 30 minutes of weights (SO proud of myself!). I actually balanced out my muscle groups, for example: I did my triceps AND my bicepts =0. I hate lifting weights for my arms since I tend to bulk up. Growing up, I used to swim butterfly and my arms were HUGE. That only got reinforced when I used to play tennis and my shoulders in high school were big! Oh, I busted my ASS in the pool today, with my new trusty inhaler, I was able to do the following:
*300 warmup
*300 free
*6x50 (I did the 50's somewhere between 43-45 seconds)
*300 Kick
*6x50 (Managed to maintain 45-46 seconds)
*300 Pull
*6x50 (I was dying by this point, my arms were SO tired...managed about 46-50 seconds per 50).
*200 Breast stroke Kick
*400 Free
*2x25 (I like to sprint the last 25, I know, weird).
By the time I got out of the pool my muscles were shaking...ahhh, I should have gone in the hot tub, but that's a whole other blog post!

Came home at 4:00, absolutely STARVING. So, I had some Soy Chips (BBQ flavor from Trader Joes) mixed with the Pretzel Slims...that didn't do it, so then I ate a small bag of 100 calorie popcorn. I am STILL starving.

And....i'm going to slap someone if they suggest one of those "cheese sticks". I'm hungry as in, like I want Chili's chicken fajita pita and french fries. Seriously!

My struggle with food is that, if i'm swimming, I can't eat a big lunch because it comes back to haunt me in the swim! For breakfast I eat two oatmeal packets with skim milk and i'm full.......then I have a banana for a snack and lunch was a pb&j sandwich and my pineapple/Cottage cheese. I'm not walking away hungry, it's just after a workout nothing fills me up! AHHH.

I would love some "favorite" post workout snacks....I already figured I should probably do some chunks of cheese with crackers or something?? So---if anyone has suggestions, send them my way. Yogurt and granola might fill me up? I'm thinking I need to up my fat-intake.

OH-just warning, don't send suggestions like "a handful of almonds," i'm like STARVING people! HELP!

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Amanda Lovato said...

ha! I love this post Mer!!!!
I feel your pain. Getting back into it means eating more too:)!