Friday, January 4, 2008

Still out of commission...

I'm still in, I can't tell the difference in how I felt on Monday versus today, Friday. Ugh. I'm on penicillin for my strep and a variety of other things to help me feel better. I think physically I feel less drained than I have this week, but my nose and throat are still quite a beast to be dealt with. Here is where I start to feel frustrated, since I had a week off from training since we were in Colorado, then, I got sick--so of course my mind starts to calculate the "last time I ran" and so forth.

It's times like these when I see people running and I get jealous! Me, jealous, of someone running....*that* is truly something!

Anyway, i'm supposed to do a 5K tomorrow, but the weather is calling for some sort of massive storm to hit California so we'll see if running in the rain with my throat is a great idea. I'm channeling my coach's thought on that annnnnnnd, i'm gonna assume Amanda would be saying "stay home and get better," however, I have this itch where I *really* want to see how I do in the 5K. I am just hoping my throat calms down long enough.

Obviously, i'm sure some people would say they wouldn't do their best while they're sick. For me, I can't remember the last time I signed up for a race and didn't do it. Something about "following through," etc.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning! Happy Friday!

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Shan said...

Hey Mer!! Happy New Year!! I'm so sorry to hear that sickness has got you down. Don't you worry about that 5K - in my humble opinion, don't make the same mistake as I have in the past and try to race!! Your body will thank you for resting...

When you feel better drop me a line so we can get together and catch up!!