Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I don't have much to report because i'm pretty run down from my new found "strep throat" that i've had since Sunday. I actually just thought it was a cold, no big deal and anticipated going for a tough run with Dave on New Year's Day. However, I realized when I had a fever and my throat was on fire that something else was up. Yay for penicillin and I started my "drugs" today....hopefully i'm back on track by Saturday.

Colorado was awesome..we did a lot of fun activities w/our nieces and nephew-sledding, ice skating, went to the movies (Charlie Wilson's War was awesome!), doing puzzles with the kids and managed to fit in some quality time with my parents and having fun! Unfortunately, we didn't ski because the day we were supposed to go, it was 6 degrees. And I wasn't exactly thrilled with shelling out 75-95 dollars each for lift tickets for us...and I honestly couldn't guarantee that I would last the whole, skiing was out! And unfortunately, since the snow was fairly packed, Dave and I didn't have the appropriate "footing" to run w/Amanda and her crew.

I was disappointed we didn't go running with them, but I couldn't figure out how I would have done it without Yak Trax (things you put on the bottom of your shoes to prevent you from sliding). SO! We met Michael and Amanda for breakfast after they did their run and it was awesome! I was able to be a bit more honest with Amanda about how my knee was doing (I need to focus on rehabing it before really jumping into a new season of triathlon). Now of course with my throat, i'm delayed a bit further, but I have officially STARTED 2008 triathlon training.

My first "go" is......a 5K this Saturday here in San Diego. Amanda will help me figure out how to run a bit more efficiently, with different types of runs. She'll be able to structure my runs (ie., hills, fartlek's, tempo runs) to help me improve, once we can figure out where i'm at. Doing the 5K will give her an idea of where my (lack of) speed is at =0. I'm excited. Just say some good thoughts so I feel better.

Dave is on call on Saturday, so I have the 5K lined up and then i'm meeting up with my cycling friends for a Velo Bella (my cycling group) picture and ride. Not sure how far we'll ride. I really hope i'm feeling better! Anxious to get this year started!!! And yeah, i'm slightly stressed that I signed up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon and my longest run has been 7 miles, which I think I did in about 57-58 minutes-can't even remember! My friend Shannon is flying out from DC to run with me...and in November, she was already running a consistent 10 miles on the weekends. Ugh! I need to be better pronto!

AHHHH. I'll just have to be patient. Let the medication work, drink water, sit tight.

Sitting tight is hard for me. Since I left work early today from my strep (I was getting the "please go home" look from my coworkers), I have painted our downstairs closet and threw a second coat of "chocolate souffle" color on our bedroom to paint some more!

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