Monday, January 28, 2008

A running thought..

Without fail, every time I run, it takes me about 27-28 minutes until I don't "hate running" anymore. For some reason, each time I go to run it's like it's been weeks since I ran. It's weird, some people thrive on running and they get a high off of it......I do----but not until about a half hour into my run! Odd...

Anyway.....very excited. Today I ran 9 miles in 1:16 (hour, sixteen minutes) it roughly works out to be an 8:26 mile.....i'll take that! I actually felt like I was moving *really* slow, so it's nice to know I think my body is bouncing back from being sick.

I also used my new inhaler today which I think helps tremendously--I wasn't coughing like crazy after my run and my chest didn't feel tight when I started.

Stay tuned!!

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