Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saddle sore???

This may be too much information for some people, but it's all part of training---getting used to riding would think by now, my saddle from my bike would practically be molded to my rear end. Sadly, or actually, thankfully it's not, but wow, it was still sore from my ride on Thursday!

Today: rode 2 hours, about 34.5 miles-eh, not really fast at all, but it was super great to be outside in 60 degree weather and the weather held out for my whole ride. I was not very good about taking in enough calories. Seems to be a repetitive theme with me these days right? I got off the bike and had to do a very short transition run, for 10 minutes. I was bonking bad. Bonking isn't necessarily an "I'm hungry," feeling, for me, I actually feel drunk! My head is so out of it and it's kind of a delirious, low-blood sugar feeling?

Anyway, I made it through the 10 minute run (I know, sounds absurd, how hard can 10 minutes be). Wellllllll, it's been several months folks since i've had to run right off the bike, so I was like a little old lady, but I did it, hopped in the car and drove home.

It's supposed to be windy and downpouring rain all day tomorrow. Should make my 75 minute run interesting.....i'm supposed to swim for 30 miutes to.

Tomorrow will remind me of a heinous training day that Angie and I did last year in Boulder with our coach Amanda. It was about 35-40 degrees, absolute downpour of rain and we ran one of Amanda's favorite workouts (or at least I suspect it is because it just LOVES to show up on my training schedule)...1000 meter repeats (2.5 lap repeats). We did it.....and then went and had hot chocolate and bagels. Nice and toasty right? Well, then we headed over to the pool and since it was Boulder, I naturally assumed the pool was indoors. Oh god, was I wrong! Amanda goes "oh, it's actually outdoors," My response "ohhh, really!" (trying my best to sound motivated). An outdoor pool OPEN in Colorado? I knew I was in the midst of some true bad asses in Boulder!

So....there I was, 35-40 degree weather (which for the people in Boulder this time of year is probably super warm!), swimming......I haven't ever felt my backside so cold in the pool! And, I think part of the workout was like 20x50 (a 50 is two laps) and I think I was put in a lane with a girl who was supposedly "slow." What they really meant to tell me was that she probably swam in college and was getting over an injury or something =0.

Anyway, I look back at that training and it just reminds me that I *can* and i'm *able* to suck it up, it's just a matter of if I choose too =0. Dave has to run long tomorrow so I know his OCD will make sure I suck it up =0.

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