Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Swim!

Yesterday I had a full day, I was supposed to swim for 60, bike for 60 and run for 30 minutes. The night before, I got my swim bag packed and I promised myself that I would go to the master's swim at the Naval hospital from 6:00-7:30. Would you believe that in all the months of Ironman training, I think I only got up super early in the morning *maybe* 10 times. I absolutely hate getting up early. No, seriously, I have woken up in the morning, sat on the edge of my bed and talked myself into doing my workout later. The thing is: it's hard for me to justify getting up early because I work 8:00-2:00, so technically, I can get my training in later, but it would be easier on my day if I got up early!

So, Tuesday night, here is how I rationalized myself OUT of getting up early for the master's swim Wed. a.m.
1. Well, I don't *really* need to swim for 90 minutes, I need to swim for 60. (and masters is 90 min).
-then I thought, well, i'll just go from 6:30-7:30 a.m.
2. But, what if I show up and want to swim on my own and all the lanes are full for the masters swim which I would then be late to.
3. That's right, the lanes are probably all full from masters so, i'll just swim later in the afternoon.

Hilarious! So, I swam in the afternoon yesterday, 3000 meters..complete with drills-really trying to work on my swim stroke. I also did two laps of butterfly which reminded me that eating red pepper hummus before swimming is *not* the way to go---as I only wanted to eat the hummus once yesterday, not twice =0.

Then, I came home and did the most awful thing: I had to make brownies for a dessert get-together last night. I don't know about you, but cycling for 60 minutes on the trainer while brownies are being baked, makes me want to hop off the trainer and burn my hands off scraping the chocolate into my mouth. Thankfully, I held back and waited for dessert later.

Lesson learned: because the days are shorter, I don't have time to fit in a 2.5 hour workout after work (only two hours at this point). I cheated myself out of my transition run yesterday which was supposed to be 30 minutes, because I didn't get my ass out of bed early. I have a brand new, late new years resolution. Making my training life easier, by sucking it up and getting up early and SWIMMING early when i'm supposed to do a long workout that day!

Honestly, I actually love swimming early in the morning, not so much w/biking and running, but I think I love stretching out and actually-the pool is really quiet in the morning and no one talks to me!! Even better!


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