Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stomach issues..whine..whine..

Warning: if you don't like talking about bodily functions or you think it's inappropriate.....don't read below. I don't think it's particularly offensive,, some people don't like talking about that kinda stuff...I do!! I grew up in a family when--during ski vacations, my Uncle Thomas would come downstairs and excitedly announce that the coffee had done it's job and we should probably avoid the bathroom! But--I give you fair enough warning in case my mom is reading this =0

For the past four day's i've been having stomach issues. For most of you who know me, this is no surprise =0. Though, i've gone from one end of the spectrum to another since college. You know---from one end where I had constant IBS and nothing provided relief from it, to-----the other end where I take in more fiber than an 80-year-old. Now, it's great to take in fiber, but finding the perfect balance between fiber-intake and being able to train consistently without stopping at the porto-john every half hour is the trick!

Today...ugh..damn that stupid wrap I ordered from the deli! I had a perfectly nice pb&j sandwich and carrots and hummus for lunch in the fridge. But, someone was ordering from the deli, so I thought a chicken wrap would be safe. WRONG. It was SO good it was bad. It had some nicely melted swiss cheese...ohhh, it tasted so good! However, I knew, even though it was a small wrap, that it would come back to create stomach issues. It didn't disappoint.

I managed to get in my 60 minute run (about 7.15 miles) and within the run I did 8x1 minute hard with 30 seconds of rest and my weight lifting. I'm wondering if i'm going to have to get out that tube of desitin I used during Ironman training.....hehe.

So, basically I warmed up, and then with each sprint (so, I sprinted 8 times for a minute each sprint)----then it was sprint/burp..burp/sprint/burp.....oh man...that sort of thing. It was great! =0

Why do I bold my workouts? Because I enter them on you believe I didn't keep track of ANYTHING last year and I am just curious how many miles I actually put into this thing, so i've decided to dorkily keep track! If I figure out how to put a link to it so everyone can see, i'll do that!

Thanks for reading and stay away from warm-melted cheese if you're heading out for a run--or, er, anything athletic for that matter, melted cheese is NOT the way to go before exercise. Have I been frank enough?


Amanda Lovato said...

7.1 miles in an hour! Great job Meredith!!!

Mer! said...

Aww! Thanks Amanda!! Thanks for reading!