Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ironman legs??

I thought I did my Ironman back in November? I'm questioning this because on Friday, I did a 60 minute hill run. There is a chance that just maybe....I kicked my own ass. I was kind of excited to do a hill run, so I picked two hills near the Naval hospital and my plan was to warm up for five minutes and then just hit the hills (they're trails) and on either side and inbetween is "flat" so I could come down and run on the flats if I needed to stretch out. During my run, I was running up, and thinking how proud of myself I was for doing hills and then eventually-I started thinking, 'wow, I sort of feel like my legs are already sore'. You think that would have given me an incentive to stop. However, I was excited that I found a training regimen that specifically targeted my "behind," area. So, I continued. The hills were pretty steep in some parts, like the kind where when you turn a corner, you can almost put your hand down on the ground since it's so steep! I did some repeats of hills too, I would come down and finish one and run up and start the other. Maybe a little too ambitious for a first hill run, but oh well!

I should add that before I started the run, I was slightly hungry. By the time I finished, I had forgotten I was hungry, and focused to hit my next event: weight training. Which I did.....yay! The issue here is: a lot of my weights I do are "leg-related" to strengthen my hips/hamstrings/quads to help with my knee pain. So, you add a hard hill run with leg strength training, yikes! I managed to fit in some other "arm" strength training too!

Then, I had to go swim. Well, by the time I started my swim, I was really hungry, but I just ignored it and hopped in--my legs by this point were really shot. So, I decided to focus mostly on my stroke and pulling, alternating some long laps in as well. I got in my 60 minute swim and went home to eat. Got home and realized I didnt have ANY of the foods I like to follow-up with after a work out. Very discouraging....

Yesterday-- I was really excited to see a 90 minute "easy" ride on my schedule. My shins and calves were killing me getting out of the bike on my car and drove to Coronado. I really did take it easy, I think I did 26 miles in that ride?? The hardest part about the whole day: my 45 minute swim. Due to my miscalculation of pool hours, I only ended up getting in a 36 minue swim. It was awful. My arms were so tired from my "pull" exercises I did from the day before when I was trying to compensate for my legs, and my legs were tired STILL from Friday! The swim was embarassing---I actually got stuck, mid-flip on a flip turn because I couldn't flip over! Usually, even if I start out like that, I eventually feel better as time goes on. Not the case yesterday, it was kind of funny! I think I swam a 2000...yuck =0.

Woke up this morning and i'm supposed to go to a 20K time trial on fiesta island--on my own. This should be interesting, especially because my legs are still sore. I'm stretching, but I think I really shocked them with the hills. Which is cool, i'm excited that even with regular training, my body can get stronger with different work outs. So, as sore as I am, I like the challenge and we'll just see how I do! I also have to get in a 45 minute swim today, that should be fine because my arms/back are recuperated from lifting on Friday, so at least *some* limb portions are cooperating =0.

By the way, it was gorgeous yesterday and today here, 80 degrees!! YAY! There has been a chill in the air with rain on a lot of weekends for quite some time, so it's nice to have some "real" San Diego weather on the weekends!

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