Monday, May 12, 2008

On time, well prepared and well fed...

Yesterday's time trial went MUCH better than the last one..if any of you remember the last one I forgot to set my alarm, had no water or food and no time to "warm up," (which was going to be riding around the parking lot, because I had NO idea people brought their trainers to put their bikes on to warm up).

The night before the race I cleaned my bike. Now, i'm not the most diligent about cleaning my bike, but I knew I was racing against "roadies," ie., people who primarily just ride bikes, they're not triathletes and they'll be the first to correct you if you suggest that they may do another sport other than cycling. So, I knew I had better have my bike cleaned more shiny than usual. This I decided to do at 10:30 p.m. at night-second wind. I cleaned and actually got out QTIPS (yes) to get in all the crevices, you wouldn't believe the dirt a bike can accumulate!

Thankfully Dave had already changed out my back wheel for me--to my race wheel (we don't have a bike stand and it's really hard for me to change my wheel out without an extra set of hands), plus he's just better at it than I am. So, race wheels on, ready to roll.

Anyway, I was fast asleep by about 11:30 or so, alarm went off at 5:50 a.m. and I had already pre-made all my drinks (since I had a 3 hour ride after my 30 min. time trial) and I realized that my back wheel had gone flatter than usual, so as a last minute decision, I grabbed my regular wheels just in case.

I arrived at 6:20 and I had to check in by 6:45 a.m...but I didn't start until 8:15 a.m....ugh. Waiting. So, I ate my half bagel and drank some water. And I grabbed my bike to put it on my trainer to start riding--by this time my back wheel was really flat. So, I grabbed my regular wheel and went over to the start and the B&L wizard mechanic took one look and we both realized the gauge in my tire went through both the tire and tube. So, he ripped the tube/tire off my regular wheel and put it on my race wheel. Problem SOLVED. I was SO excited I was prepared, no way that tire would have held if I hadn't had a spare!

I walked back to my car, realizing I hadn't put my number on yet, so I dashed around the side of a van where I saw a person standing, figuring i'd just ask him if he could help me put my number on (it needs to go on the back of the right side of you) I tried to put it on, but it was right under my armpit, very uncomfortable, cycling jerseys are stretchy so it's hard to estimate where the number should sit. Anyway..I walk over and the conversation went like this:
Me: Hi..I was wondering if you could help me put my number on.
Him: (he looks up at me).....shakes his head no and looks down.

WHO does that?? I walked away and I was like he actually said NO. Oh i'm sorry "Mr. i'm training for the olympics and i'm 65".....he was old, wrinkly and crusty. Come on dude, I understand this may be your moment to shine, but it's TWO seconds to help me put on a number. Rude.

Anyway, I skulk back to my car, put my bike on the trainer and start warming up. Warm up and rode over to the start.

8:15, they call my number and they hold your bike for you while you clip in and then they count down and give you a push off. It's three times around the island which is 4 miles......I went out hard. Really hard, and I was immediately breathing hard. Ugh, why do I keep doing this? Anyway I sort of found a rhythm, but I had forgotten my inhaler so my breathing was all out of sorts. My friend Julia had missed her start time ahead of me and low and behold in lap 2..I see visions of black behind me and sure enough, she passed me! It was actually really cool, i'm sure most people would have been pissed about being passed, but Julia is just one of those people that I admire superbly, she is an amazing athlete and an incredible biker. So, she was my rabbit, my goal was just to try to stay with her a bit, she rode a way a bit, but I managed to keep her in my distance until she was around the last corner on the last lap!

I finished breathing hard and rode right past Dave! He was trying hard to make it from work (since he was on call the night before) so he came right to the race and arrived in enough time to see me get my 2nd place medal. So, 2nd out of 4 isn't bad and technically it would have been 3rd if Juls had started on time, but she had a time penalty so I finished 2nd, but i'll take it.

I was most excited since I shaved a bit over a minute off my last time trial....time: 33:26, average just over 22 mph.

After the time trial, Julia and I rode up the coast for a while, about 39 miles, so the day total was: 52 miles..and we did some light hills on the coast..enough to toast our legs =0

Thanks for reading!


BreeWee said...

Thanks so much for you comment...

WAY to go on your time trial, congrats on shaving time! I loved your Maui photos too- super fun!

best to you and I hope Amanda doesn't work you too hard :) Actually, I hope she does so you continue to get even faster!


Mer! said...

Hi Bree!!
So excited you posted! I know you're super busy and if you have the time to read my teeny, kinda long-winded blog than I am thrilled! =0. You are amazing and whenever I have a "I don't wanna swim/bike/run," I switch over to your blog and it always motivates me to get out the door! You're so positive!

And on the "hard training" department, totally no worries, Amanda is doing her best to make sure that my shoulders look huge from swimming and my thighs don't fit into my favorite jeans from cycling =0. J/K....hehe

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

jeff said...

karma is gonna get the guy that wouldn't help you with your number. maybe HIS tire went flat. ;)

so, if meredith and dave head up to cim this year would you and dave head up to crew, too?