Monday, June 9, 2008


SO! I was pretty tired on Saturday after my day....and a wee bit worried about what Sunday would have in store for me.....I started my day early: 6:45.....met up with my friend Juls and Jen Y and her fiance....we started up the coast. I was only joining them for about 45 minutes since I was supposed to be doing an "easy ride,".....Juls is a rockin' awesome rider (she's the manager at the B&L bike shop here in SD) and Jen Y and Tim are doing IMCDA in a few weeks, so naturally their legs are just evily shaped and lethal at this point......they didn't prove me wrong.

We started out and I should be glad I didn't go the whole four hours with them because Juls wrote me later and said her legs were "shredded," and it takes a lot for Juls to be shredded, she is tough! The ride was fun, and I turned around after Solana Beach and headed back up..which included Torrey Pines and it was so funny because Torrey Pines is usually something I dread. I was stoked when I found myself maintaining an ok cadence and it wasn't as worrisome as I thought.

Yay for "easy" Torrey Pines!"

On to my run. I was so excited today was a "short" training day. Sounds odd, but Saturday it took me forever to get in all my training so I was thrilled to be running by 10:00 a.m.!

I ran down on the Silver Strand, where I had to run for 100 minutes and include a 3 mile "race," within the run.

Believe it or not, I love adding things in my long runs...running for me is hard. It takes me forever to warm up, so I like it when I have to throw things in there, repeats, whatever it is, keeps it interesting! Sounds sadistic, but really, who wants to go on a long run and I like to mix it up!

I thought I was doomed. The first mile 9:04 or something. Wahhhh! I was not going to have a repeat of Friday. I did everything right, solid breakfast, banana after my ride, salt tablets and my inhaler. be.......FASTER!!

I read somewhere on a person's blog that when you're feeling crappy, if you push harder, sometimes you can actually push through the crappiness. I was all for that! SO, I pushed...and it WORKED! WAHOO!

My miles broke down like this: it averages out to an 8:20 pace.
1. 9:04
2. 8:37
3. 8:44
4. 8:06-Start of 5K
5. 7:48-5K
6. 7:46-5K
7. 8:25
8: 8:18
9. 8:27
10. 8:14
11. 8:20
12. 8:22

So, my thought is, if i'm running on relatively fresh legs from tapering, i'm assuming I could maintain an 8:20 pace or *maybe* slightly faster if i'm fresh!?? Who knows, i'm excited to see how the racing season goes with my running.

My training is different this year, it's a lot more specific in my workouts, rather than just "time/distance" focused, so i'm curious to see how this translates in a race!

So...did I get pizza yesterday? I did! It was super tasty and then Dave and I chilled at home. This week training continues and nothing too exciting going on. Hoping to maybe recruit some people for my Saturday ride, we'll see!

I went to the hospital today to have blood drawn to have my iron levels and all other "levels," checked.....just making sure that i'm taking in enough of whatever kinds of nutrients I need. I've been a bit tired lately so I want to make sure i'm getting in all the goods that are required!

Thanks for reading!


Angie said...

Wow Mer! What an awesome training run! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it meant a lot! Take care!!!

Lauren said...

Hey! I don't know how you do it. When "crappiness" sets in - I crap out. Good work :)

Paul said...

That's some good training! I notice when I up my mileage, I usually feel like crap until I get moving for about 20 minutes...