Monday, December 29, 2008

Post-Christmas, pre-New Years!!

And..the terrible blogging continues. I just really don't have a whole lot to report. Other run last week was super fun with Eileen and Marit....I drove up to Rancho Santa Fe to Eileen's in-laws house (E lives up in Nor Cal but she was down here for christmas)......and so, we all met up there and let me tell you, the house was absolutely gorgeous. Like one of those houses with the gorgeous huge christmas tree and the espresso machine IN the wall.....and filled with super nice people making super tasty food =0. Anyway =0, back to our run. My goal was really to keep up, I knew my talking would be minimal, but I thought I could hack it. NOT only that, but they TALKED while they did it. It started out Me, Eileen and Marit in a line running, this lasted for maybe three minutes as we ran down a small hill, Reid (Eileen's awesome husband) was running with us as well. Then, we hit sort of the first patch of uphill and I dropped back a bit thinking in chunks "cannot....keep....pace." But, was also thinking "big girl pants". Reid say's "Do you want me to hold your water bottle, Eileen likes it when I do that." I don't even hesitate " much." We slowed down quite a bit toward the end and I jokingly said "oh, that had to have been like high 7:00's" Eileen goes "7:10"......SEVEN TEN? Ok, so *they* were going 7:10, I was probably more like 7;20 at that point, but MAN. That was working. I don't even know how far we went....but we ran for almost forty minutes. I am quickly reminded how fast I can get out of shape.

The thing is, so, ok, these girls were moving quite quickly and you know, I didn't feel bad, or competitive or anything, I just was loving watching them move and thinking "wow, they are doing this and they're conversational and they're kicking BUTT!"......I can't wait for their 2009 season....these two girls are going to kick some butt.!!

So, thanks to you two for running with me....and for Reid....making me feel better when I said panting "I can't really talk right now, I know it's awkward running next to someone not talking." He replied laughing "I'm a guy, we don't really chat while running anyway".........TOTALLY made me feel so much better!!! =0 We wrapped up the day with coffee and I drove home to wrap up the rest of Dave's presents!

How did Christmas go!?? Well....truth be told. Quiet. Very quiet..almost too quiet for me. I'm used to major Leporati Christmases (Leporati is my maiden name)..i'm used to opening presents with my cousins on Christmas in Vermont and skiing down the slopes at Okemo Mountain with a full stomach of Tang and burnt English muffins drenched in my uncle's layer of butter. To this day, I cannot eat an English muffin unless it is burnt like "oh my god, it's almost on flames" burnt. So, i'm used to multiple people, multiple kinds of fudge and absolutely"wet cold", transfer over to: hummus, a run in the morning with shorts, no kids and watching movies is totally new for me!!

I shouldn't lie, we usually alternate between my family in Denver and Dave's in Scottsdale, but this year we couldn't go anywhere due to Dave's call schedule, so we stayed put. My fam came out for Turkey Day, his parents came last weekend and we hit up the Nutcracker (which was *awesome* by the way!), this year was just a quiet year.....but still fun, Dave and I got in some quality hang out time and I love that kind of time.

This week....I'm going to continue with my running....this morning it is: POOL TIME. I'm sucking it up, headed to the pool to swim for a bit in addition to my run!

We are taking a mini vacation come New Year's Day...Montana!! Our friends' parents have a place in Red Lodge, near Billings, i've never been to MT, so i'm super excited...and cannot wait for the COLD! I have all my ski stuff ready to roll....not sure if we're skiing, but we will be drinking hot chocolate and EATING!!

Stay tuned!!!


Lauren said...

I literally busted out LAUGHING with the Vermont Christmases...I pictured you saying it like, "This one band camp..." Ha! Oh, I miss you!!! I'm glad you and Dave got to hang out and spend some QT together. Have a great time in Montana...are you driving or flying?

Eileen Swanson said...

It was so awesome hanging out with you, running,coffee...everything! Seriously it felt like we were friends for a long time, I agree!! I can't wait for our next run and coffee! Reid had a great time too...oh and so did Belle ;-) Happy New Year!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I LOVED the run - and for the record - you did AWESOME Mer!!! It was seriously great - good times, beautiful house, and really fun getting to meet Eileen, Reid, and Belle! Hooray! Hope that you and Dave had a great trip out and I'm looking forward to many more training days this year! Huurah!

Trigirlpink said...

I hope you had lots of chocolate and fun on New Years! Hey! I've been to Okemo and Big Sky. Big Sky.....dreamy..puffy puffy powdery fun. Okemo- icy? Hard packed powder? New England skiing/riding can't match.