Saturday, January 23, 2010

First post-pregnancy race: TOMORROW!

Um, yeah, so apparently i'm running the Carlsbad Half Marathon tomorrow.  Did I know this? Yes.  Did I agree to this: Yes.  Did I train:  to the best of my ability? Yes.

However, the "mer method" varies greatly from the "Lovato method" and i'm very grateful that come February 1st i'll be following the Lovato method which assures me that i'll not only finish a race, but chances are, i'll be happy with the outcome.

Wow, this race snuck up on me.  It goes to show that early season races are sometimes hard to get motivated to train for.  Actually--I think a lot of it is just post-maternity "getting started."  Truthfully, I put on a considerable amount of weight and unlike some women, I didn't "lose it all in the hospital" or, "in the first week I was home."  I still have a few pounds to go--thankfully not many---but enough that I put on a bathing suit and i'm like "Oh."  =0.  So--even an extra few pounds makes it a little more difficult to run---but I will say in all the runs I have done, i've made them count.  There have been a few races in the past that I *know* I could've trained harder for---in this case, I trained as hard as I could with the time I had.  There were days I didn't remember falling asleep--but I got up and we went to the gym---and days that Soren wasn't napping well, but I fit in a quick run at some point.  Like any other "job" you have good days when you parent and days that you wish went smoother.

Tomorrow will be initial goal was to finish in 2:30---and after spending a week in Colorado with my mom and family---and only able to run twice--i'm just looking forward to "racing!".....and yeah, ok, so the selfish, pre-mom/post-mom in me, wants to break 2 hours, but let's not get crazy.  Dave is going to be out cheering me on with Soren, and our friends Erin and Mike and possibly Marit---but I just haven't touched base with her just yet!  Although I will be at her house for book club tomorrow night so either way she'll get an earful.

Last time I ran this race was with my friend Shannon, in 2008 and I had bronchitis and a guy said to me "wow, you look horrible," as I coughed and gagged my way through the race---I was thinking "gee, I already felt like shit, now I look like it too--awesome."

It's funny, I thought I would feel nervous and typically, I do....but i'm not sure if having a little one puts things in perspective in the sense that "i'm lucky that I was able to get in as many runs as I did--and i'm thankful to just be racing," or if i'm just plain trying to enjoy racing with no pressure.  Where did the pressure come from before?? Maybe just general triathlon pressure of wanting to always improve and get faster.  That sentiment is still there--but i'm just not as focused on it as I was before--because I know that would be putting unrealistic pressure on myself.

I'm so laid back about this tomorrow, Erin and Mike just called wanting to know where they could meet up with Dave and what time the race started and I ...didn't know.  My check-in bag was still in the car from this afternoon!, I actually have time to sit and think about the race and wonder what will unfold.  First things first--i'm eating my "night before meal,"......: pasta with a little butter, cheese and blue cheese crumbles.  Yes, I was so unprepared that I don't even have chicken at home right now which is usually my staple.  Typically i'll have chicken and rice....not tonight!  Tomorrow's breakfast--I forgot to get bagels..will probably be toast.  I don't even have bananas!!  Don't worry, i'll still somehow get in enough calories before the race, I just am not quite as organized!!

My goal for tomorrow is to not go out so fast and just start out sort of slow and then hopefully get faster as I warm up.  It's supposed to be a little "chilly" here in San Diego..high 40's at the start (I know--you cold-state people hate me).

Speaking of cold states.....guess what?? The Navy finally decided that Dave is worthy enough to become a pediatric, come August of this year we'll be moving to BOSTON!! =0.  Super stoked about the new opportunities...however, I won't will be completely, 100% bittersweet leaving San Diego.  We have met and some amazing friends here and it takes me a while to develop true friends, you know, the kind where you talk for hours and you lose track of time?  Six years we've been here and I don't have endless friends, but the ones I do have----we always pick right up where we left off and that's the best feeling.  I'm going to miss them something fierce---but I think i'm pretty good at keeping in touch---so I have faith that we'll be back to visit and friendships will continue.  The fellowship at Boston Children's is only a year--so after that time, we could get sent back here to SD, or to Bethesda, MD or Portsmouth, VA (SD is our first choice, then Bethesda and I can't even talk about Portsmouth..I think I would cry).

There are a lot of cool things about Boston (and I won't mention the two New Years' I spent drinking out of scorpion bowls at a Chinese restaurant and waiting for a cab in 2 degree weather)..ahh, memories!  But, I will mention that my entire extended family cousins, aunts/uncles are from the NY area and several of my family members are in the New England area, Boston, a few friends from college, and I have a few that are still in Virginia so i'm very much looking forward to taking advantage of seeing them more frequently while we're there.

And....hello....time to buy a new JCrew peacoat...and all things "wool-related,"....I smell a new opportunity to wardrobe shop!!!

Stay tuned for my race report..oh, and don't worry, I think Dave'll snap some shots, and maybe a few of me wearing one of my awesome new Trakkers visor!!! Woop!


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Congrats Mer on your first race post-pregnancy. It will be fun seeing you out there. Don't worry about the time on the clock, what you could do, or what you did do. Keep your Trakkers visor held high. You are a brand new Mom and that is something worthwhile and awesome. I'm reading your blog with admiration of you and fighting my own pre race intimidation thinking "Dude, I don't even have a kid and I think I am going to be slower than last year." At least you have an excuse more valid than my wimpy "it's hard to go fast"

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

WOO HOO!!!!! YEA Mer - I am SO EXCITED for you!!! :) :) :) You are going to do GREAT!!!! Like Jen said - keep your Trakkers visor held high - you ARE a stud..... you'll be fine, have fun - this is a major first step and I couldn't be more proud of you. WOO HOO!!!!!

Trigirlpink said...

Yeah baby.... BOSTON is *IT* It's not forever and I know you will have a fun year here. I know you like the snow for Christmas!

I bet that scorpion bowl was from a place in Harvard Square that I can't quite remember the name of...
They used to give you REALLY salty popcorn which in turn made you suck down that scorpion bowl ever so quickly. Dangerous!
I hope you have a fun race today! Like Jennifer said, who cares what your time is? It's JANUARY!!

Mama Simmons said...

Hope your race went well, Mer! And Boston... wow! That'll be a change. Maybe the Navy needs a pediatric anesthesiologist in Hawaii? That's me being selfish and looking for new fun mom training partners. Lol. ;)

ADC said...

Hope the race went well - can't wait to read the race report :))

Yay for Boston. We love Boston. Yes, it is a bit cold in the winter but it is lovely. And guess what, you are now on east cost so maybe a trip to the UK can be on cards?!