Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick update..

Not to much to report..really---I had an awesome run the other day which included intervals and I had to do a nice warmup and then do: 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy, 45  hard/easy..up to a minute and then back down, and repeat it my 10K pace.  I had no idea what I could do as a "10K" pace, so I just decided to go out there and go hard enough, but not so hard that I felt like I should be running a  5K and run out of gas.  I may have pushed it a little too hard---but, I was able to get most of the intervals in a 7:45 pace.....I was really excited about that.

It sounds grueling to some, but for me, i'd much rather have a run where I have to "do" something rather than just "run," keeps my eyes off of my watch wondering "how much more do I have to do?" =0.   I was just glad my body responded to some sort of speed, especially after a rather slow warm up!  Even during Ironman training where some people get "slower," I had no choice to get faster since I couldn't GET much slower than I already was!  I ran 6.5 miles that day and one mile I averaged an 8;33 pace....slowly getting back to where I was prior to Ironman.  It will take quite some time, possibly longer than I want. 

I'm signed up for the SD Rock N Roll marathon and my initial goal was to qualify for Boston..but, I knew going into this that I had worked so incredibly hard to get speed before Ironman that I knew post-pregnancy it wouldn't be easy, as running isn't easy for me.  So....for now, i'll just settle for a marathon PR.  Under 4 hours would be nice and I think more realistic than a Boston qualifying time.

That is reality talking....but, my goal is still to TRY to qualify....but, I don't want to disappoint myself or set up unrealistic expectations.  Plus, my sisters are coming to town to race with me---so I don't want to get all wrapped up in trying to qualify and be all bummed.  That being said, i'm still going to continue with my training as though i'd like to qualify!! If that at all makes sense!!

Yesterday was another successful swim.  HOLY PULLING. Amanda must've read my blog where I said "bring it,"...'cause she did.....with part of my main set being 1x600 pull and then 4x200 pull with paddles....that's 1400 meters of PULLING people.....just 200 meters shy of a mile!  I think there was another part in there that involved 2x50 with a band around my ankle-----I don't have a band so I used a bouy--specifically after Amanda wrote "band, NOT bouy"......I had to improvise right? =0

I had to cut the workout short since I made an ill-time decision. I signed Soren up for swim lessons, but not knowing it would take 20 minutes, so I dropped him off before I started the paperwork, and you get 90 minutes before you need to go pick them up, so I had to drop the "6x50 kick" (big bummer, I know =0) and my 100 cool down.

Not too shabby though, my big wake up call that master's swim may be necessary in the future is that my 1-4 descending 50's , my fastest 50 was in :40 sad. I can usually pull off a 36-37 if i'm in good shape! 

Here are very recent Soren pics to "gnaw" on.....I need to post some pictures of my VERY VERY awesome sponsor items...need to get my camera uploaded though....STAY TUNED!!! 


ADC said...

Your running is coming back. Yay!!! I find it's consistency that really works. So now you are on a training programme and I am sure it will come quick. When is your marathon? it will be fun.

Pictures of Soren are gorgeous. He is adorable.

Kelly said...

Nice training! It's easy to forget all that pregnancy does to your body, until you get out and try to run as fast as you could before!! You'll get there!

Trigirlpink said...

Oh my LORD.. he is a cutie!

600 pull? I'm soooooo there! Love pulling.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Soren is ADORABLE! Can't wait to see the little guy soon! :)

Holy Pulling Batman! YIKES - that's A LOT! But great work :) And I'm so happy about your run form...its gradually getting there - you're doing it Mer! YEA!