Monday, November 8, 2010

Life is better with sharing.....

Apparently Soren doesn't like to share his toys. He's fine going over to his friends' houses and he plays happily with their toys and enjoys their snacks and sippy cups, but at his house, not so much. It was really humorous to watch actually, we had his two friends over today and he was already super cranky from whatever happened during his nap today, so he was hitting a pitch with his voice that resembled a very distinct whine.

His little friends came in, they all started playing and wouldn't you know it, he just sort of whined in their general direction. Mind you, he has plenty of toys for sharing so he is not in need of more to share with....anyway, at first I didn't know what was up and then it dawned on me, these two other little ones playing with his toys, it probably irked him.  Ahhh, the life lessons continue.

On a more agreeable note, he made me laugh today when I showed him pictures of trucks, cars etc and I asked which one was the airplane and he pointed to it and then looked at the window and also pointed to the sky. So. CUTE.  I love watching his little brain work.  It's amazing to me, how much he understands. I ask him where his chair is to eat, he takes me to his highchair, I ask him where his shoes are and he takes me to them. It's really a cool process, this whole learning gig! =0

Let it be known it took me a full 70 minutes to wake up this morning...from 6:00-7:10, and then I realized the gym sitter was reserved at 9:30....ugh, so, I kept us busy at home, I contemplated going to the grocery store, but really, who wants to go to the grocery store at 7:30 a.m. when it's 45 and literally blowing wind. Not. Me.

Made it to the gym, knocked out a solid six miles, the last two miles were under 9:00 minutes. Woot Woot.....did some weights and sit ups...grabbed the little guy, hit up Trader Joe's and then we hosted our first playdate which Soren was so graciously "sharing" his toys.

Learning, it's a process alright!


ADC said...

How adorable. I can just imagine Soren not wanting to share the toys. And yay for great running.

Kelly said...

I remember when Ryan was little and an early riser, we would go to the grocery store early during the winter, keep the groceries in the car (so cold I didn't have to worry about anything melting), and then head to the gym from the store!